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What have our graduates done next?

Pemu Mungai: 2017 graduate

"SPS has given me an opportunity to explore the field of social sciences and tailor my studies to my interests. I was able to take an elective module in management, which I throughly enjoyed and helped me secure a place on an Msc at the London School of Economics. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in the social sciences and wants flexibility in regards to post-university opportunities."


Matt Hodges: 2017 graduate

"Studying SPS at York has been the best university experience I could have asked for. The range of options I've had has allowed me to explore so many different avenues and learn about so many different and diverse subjects. I have enjoyed my time here so much, that I'm very much staying in house for my masters, which will be an MA in Social Policy at York, looking more specifically at social research and statistical analysis."



Bel Merid: 2017 graduate

"I plan to do my masters in Media and Communications at LSE in 2018. In the meantime I will be doing creative consultancy as a freelancer, continuing with the editorial and PR projects I started whilst pursuing my undergraduate degree! Go out and do internships whilst studying as you will leave university with a clearer idea of what you're interested in and also have more experience/skills ready for when you leave!"


Bethan O'Donnell: 2016 graduate


"Studying for my SPS degree and having the flexibility to pick my own modules enabled me to discover that I am particularly interested in furthering my knowledge in health policy. From this I applied for and was accepted on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme and started in September 2016"

Joshua Doonan: 2016 graduate

After 3 years of studying SPS, my favourite aspect definitely has to be the huge breadth the course offers, one I certainly wouldn't have had access to elsewhere. This allowed me to study for a term abroad at Maastricht University, where I challenged myself in a new environment and where I met a diverse range of people who I regularly keep in touch with. Furthermore, SPS students at the University of York coupled with excellent staff support have the opportunity to embark on any career path they wish. SPS has tested me in a wide range of areas, helped me to reach my goals and I thoroughly recommend this fantastic course to prospective students.

Josh is currently working in Covent Garden for Robert Walters, a global, specialist professional recruitment consultancy.


Alice Ludlow: 2015 graduate

"What is different about this course is the amount of control you as the student have over your module choices. The amount of choice means you can really shape the course around the areas you're interested in. I am now studying for my PGCE with the aim of becoming either a politics or sociology teacher.  I have chosen to stay studying in York as it is such a beautiful place to live." 


Tom Wilkinson: 2015 graduate

"You can never know what your three years has in store for you. My experience studying SPS has been a whirlwind adventure where no two terms have been the same. I have studied a broad variety of academic disciplines across different departments and, in my case, across different countries. In my third year I studied at the University of Lund in Sweden through the SPS Erasmus programme. The SPS Erasmus programme gave the opportunity to learn a new culture and language, make friends from around the globe and study at a world class university. The SPS course and course convenors have been instrumental in preparing me for my masters in MsC in Empires, Colonalism and Globalisation at LSE."