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What do you actually do? - a podcast from Careers and Placements

What do you actually do is a podcast released every other week during term time.

Have you ever wondered what a particular job actually involves? Our podcast series What do you actually do? aims to answer that question.

What do you do all day? What skills do you need? How did you get the job? What advice do you have for students?

Get the answers to these questions along with career inspiration, top tips and insider knowledge every other week during semesters when Kate Morris asks our guest, ‘What do you actually do?’

Each podcast is accompanied by a blog post with a full transcript of the episode and useful links to help with your research. You'll find the blog link for each episode in the podcast description. 

Latest episode: Flirting with Algorithms with Harpal Sahota

Today's episode of What Do You Actually Do!? will look at the world of data science and what skills are required to work in the industry. We interviewed Harpal Sahota, who works as a Data Scientist at MagicLab, a company which runs dating apps such as Bumble & Lumen.

Listen as Kate gets to the bottom of what Harpal’s job looks like. 

Harpal’s bio:

Harpal studied an MA in Computational Biology at the University of York, and went on to take a PhD in Computational Biology at University of London, before entering the job market, working for the likes of YouGov before settling at MagicLab, where he has worked since January 2020.

This is a re-released episode that was first published in May 2020

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