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Health - Allied Professions

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For information about the professions allied to medicine, please see below. Look at some of the other job sector pages, for example Finance and IT, or Health Management, if you are interested in working in these areas within the health sector. See the Health Careers website for a range of resources to help with your career planning.

Find out about professions allied to medicine

Listed below are the key health professions and the associated professional websites. Many of these professions are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council, who keep a register of health and care professionals. There are some resources such as people to follow, podcasts and event recordings under the different professions.

You can read more about the allied health professions on the NHS Careers website.

Work experience

Work experience is important to demonstrate your understanding of the sector and your commitment to the role.  See Gaining experience on the NHS Health Careers website.

Think about the groups of people you might be working with once qualified and try to get relevant work experience.

  • working, work shadowing or volunteering in a hospital, care home or hospice. The York Teaching Hospital website has information on volunteering
  • working or volunteering with children, the elderly, people with physical or mental health conditions - see our volunteering programmes, or volunteer via Do-It
  • support worker or care worker roles can provide good experience
  • First aid experience can be gained through St John Ambulance, or the Red Cross (who offer 8-12 week internships).

What can I do at York?

  • Look for work experience - relevant work experience allows you to develop your skills, check that you are comfortable working in health/care settings and demonstrates motivation and commitment to your chosen profession 
  • Volunteering - a range of projects to help you develop skills such as project management, teamwork, communication, problem solving, organisation and time management and gain experience in different settings and with different client groups
  • YUSU Volunteering also offers a range of projects including Kids Club, KEEN, Minds in Motion and Tea and Coffee Club.
  • Join relevant societies, such as the Medical Society, Midwifery Society or Nursing Society
  • Build your network by attending events, contacting York Graduates on York Profiles and Mentors and making the most of social media.