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If you want to set-up your own initiative we can support you through the University Community Fund See below for current opportunities.

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International students and volunteering

There are no visa restrictions on the amount of volunteering work you can undertake as an international student; however, restrictions apply on what is classed as 'unpaid work'.

If you are carrying out a role that a salarid worker would normally fulfil, then this is considered to be unpaid work, not voluntary work. It is therefore covered by your visa restrictions in the same way as paid work.

Find out more and make sure you understand the difference.

Volunteer to support prospective international students

Remember what it was like when you weren't sure of where to study? Current international students can be a real help to prospective students by sharing their experiences of York.

Taking part in the Talk to a York Student scheme counts towards the York Award, too!

Find out about our Talk to a York Student scheme


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