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A strength is something that you do well, are energised by, and use regularly. When you use your strengths, you'll perform at your best and enjoy what you're doing.

Research has shown that people who use their strengths more, and minimise use of their weaknesses, tend to be happier, more confident, less stressed and perform better at work.

The programme has been developed around nine strengths that graduate employers believe make the difference between a good and a great graduate employee. When you take part, you'll:

  • Be helped to identify and articulate what you're good at and enjoy doing.
  • Develop your strengths, so that you'll stand out from other graduates.
  • Be supported to progress towards a career that's right for you.

Take a look at the nine strengths below, click on the title to see a short video about each, and start exploring what your strengths might be. Look out for your invitation to join the York Strengths Programme or follow the links below to find out more.

The nine strengths

Organisational Fit Seeker

Organisational Fit Seekers are driven to achieve an excellent fit between their true selves and the work that they do, guided by an in-depth awareness of their values and beliefs.

Problem Solver

Problem Solvers relish the opportunity to analyse complex information, feeling energised by the problem as well as the solution.

Pioneering Thinker

Pioneering Thinkers are stimulated by change, continually approaching challenges in original and innovative ways.

Self Improver

Self Improvers take every step to achieve their full potential, actively seeking out honest feedback that will help them develop as a person.

Agile Learner

Agile Learners have a love of learning, and the capacity to acquire and apply new knowledge at pace.

Resilient Achiever

Resilient Achievers constantly push themselves to work hard and achieve their goals, using setbacks as springboards to go on and achieve even more.

Digital Connector

Digital Connectors enjoy the opportunities inherent in new technologies, being driven to exploit digital platforms to their full potential across many different applications.

Relationship Builder

Relationship Builders build honest relationships based on trust and credibility, feeling energised by collaborating with others and working towards shared goals.

Authentic Communicator

Authentic Communicators engage with people of all cultures and at all levels in an honest and respectful manner, adapting their style but remaining true to what they believe.

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