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Here at Careers and Placements, we offer a range of support to students who want to set up their own businesses. We also encourage students to develop enterprise as a mind-set - a set of skills and values that will help you deal with tricky situations, and will often set you apart from others when applying for jobs!

In every-day terms, Enterprise means the ability to make things happen; to cope with confusing and chaotic situations and work through them to achieve success. Be this spotting an opportunity and capitalising on it, or starting a not-for-profit organisation to deal with society's problems.  We can help you develop these skills and also provide practical support measures for those looking to start their own business whilst still studying or up to two years after graduation.

Why not check out our start up guide, which lists 6 questions for you to consider when starting a business. We're here to help you every step of the way, so if there's anything you're not sure about, just get in touch.‌

Start a business

If you have a business idea, we can help you develop it into a reality. We offer advice, funding, access to networks and competitions. Find out more…


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Develop your enterprise skills

If you’re looking to develop enterprise skills then why not attend one of our events, workshops, or courses? Find out more…