The York Award

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Would you like to gain recognition for all the skills you develop at university, through your studies and extra-curricular activities?

Everything you do during your time at York, which involves developing employability skills, can count towards the York Award.  

It is highly valued by employers so will look great on your CV!  It is also a great way to keep track of all you are doing at university.   

The York Award is going through a transition so there are currently two versions, one for first and second years and one for all other students.  Please follow the relevant route below.

York Award - new starters and second years

Follow this route if you are a new first year or if you are in second year (from October 2016).

York Award - Graduating 2017

Follow this route if you started at York before October 2015 (i.e. you are in third year or higher).


"The York Award was a brilliant way to motivate myself to get involved.  It is great that I get recognition for all the time I committed to the University and the city of York!"

- York Award Graduate