York Award

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‌‌‌Gaining the York Award demonstrates that you are a proactive person, keen to take on challenges beyond your degree.

It is a great addition to your CV, helping you to consolidate your experiences and reflect on your personal development as a student and future employee. It aims to capture all the experiences, skills and strengths you have gained throughout your University journey including through your studies, participation in clubs and societies, involvement in college activities, volunteering, work experience, global opportunities and more.

If you are a final year integrated masters’ student OR you are in your fourth year of undergraduate study having completed a placement year, year in industry or year abroad – you will be eligible to apply for the original York Award. Applications are open NOW and will close on Friday 19th January (Week 2 Spring Term).  If you would like to apply, please send your interest to award@york.ac.uk

York Award

Applications open in Autumn 2018-19

York Leaders

Applications open Spring 2018

York Award Gold

Applications open in Autumn 2018-19

York Leaders (graduating 2018)

Applications open in Spring 2018


"The York Award was a brilliant way to motivate myself to get involved.  It is great that I get recognition for all the time I committed to the University and the city of York!"

- York Award Graduate