The York Award

York Award ,image

‌‌‌Gaining the York Award demonstrates that you are a proactive person, keen to take on challenges beyond your degree.

It is a great addition to your CV, helping you pull together everything you've done to show you've developed as a student and future employee.  Everything you do during your time at York, which involves developing transferable skills, can count towards the York Award.

The York Award is going through a transition - currently there are two versions, one for first and second years and one for finalists.  Please follow the relevant route below.

York Award - new starters and second years

Postgraduate students can also follow this route.

York Award - Graduating 2017

For final year students.  Also follow this route if you started at York before October 2015.


"The York Award was a brilliant way to motivate myself to get involved.  It is great that I get recognition for all the time I committed to the University and the city of York!"

- York Award Graduate