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CVs and applications

Your CV summarises your education, skills and experience to create a positive first impression to a prospective employer.  Use our resources to create your CV, and get feedback.

Step 1

Step 2

Login to CareerSet. It will give your CV a score based on language, content, formatting and impact, together with some suggestions for improvement. It can also provide feedback on targetted CVs, if you also upload a job description with your CV. Find out more in the information sheet, CV and covering letter (PDF , 757kb). You can access CareerSet using your University of York log-in.

Once you have applied the feedback provided, you can upload your CV multiple times to CareerSet to help refine it.  

If you are struggling to achieve a score of at least 60% in CareerSet and want to know how to progress, please send your CV to us via Careers Gateway, stating your CareerSet score.

Other application formats

If you need feedback on:

  • application forms
  • personal statements
  • covering letters
  • LinkedIn profiles

use the online resources to help draft your application. You can then submit your application for feedback via Careers Gateway.

Other resources

If you want to write a CV, but don't know what types of jobs to apply for, check the Get ideas section first. You can then consider which jobs might be suited to you, your interests and skills.

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