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The environment sector is very broad and comprises a wide range of career opportunities and employers.

It can include:

  • conservation
  • wildlife management
  • agriculture & horticulture
  • animal care
  • land-based engineering
  • fisheries
  • town planning & housing
  • energy and utilities
  • forestry work
  • aquaculture
  • sustainability
  • earth sciences
  • natural resources
  • meteorology.


Explore the sector

Learn more about environmental careers to help inform your planning by answering questions such as: 


  • What's it all about?
  • Is it right for me?
  • What roles exist in the sector? 

Explore the sector‌‌‌ 


Getting in...

Discover more about what it takes to get into the environment sector, including:





  • Skills development
  • Work experience
  • Jobs and vacancies
  • Applications advice

Getting into the sector‌‌

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