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Zoom appointments

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the foreseeable future, appointments will be via Zoom (you will get the link in your Handshake message confirming your booked appointment). Please be ready at your computer / laptop at the appointment time, and ensure your device's camera and microphone are working beforehand.

Before you book or send a message, have you...?

Service-use eligibility

Who can use Careers and Placements?

Only current students and graduates of the University have full access to our services. Exceptions to this include graduate access to appointments at busy periods, when priority will be given to current students. If you are currently studying at another university, you should use its careers service.

Graduates of other institutions have limited access for up to three years after graduation. Appointment availability is subject to demand from current students, who will receive priority.

Access is unavailable to University staff and members of the public, unless they meet the above criteria (ie are graduates of York or a recent graduate of another university).

If we are not able to help you, you may be able to get support from the National Careers Service

Student User Policy: Appointments

What advice do you need?

General careers information and advice

If you have any careers-related questions (career planning, getting started, where to look for jobs, where to look for careers information, etc).

Step 1

Use the extensive resources on our website - many of your questions may be answered here. If you can't find the information, move to Step 2.

Step 2

If your enquiry is about:

  • where to find relevant careers information and advice
  • getting started with career-related issues
  • finding work experience and internships / part-time work / volunteering opportunities
  • exploring different types of careers

contact the Careers Information Team via Handshake. In Handshake's 'Careers Centre' click on Careers Information Team under the 'Public Staff List' and then click on the blue 'send a message' button. See our how to guide: how to send us a message on Handshake, if you want to see what this looks like.

Alternatively, come to Careers Drop-in for help with finding careers information. These run in the Careers Building Monday - Friday, 11am to 1pm, during term-time. This service is unavailable during periods of lockdown.

Step 3

Book a Careers Advice appointment (or a related appointment*) via Handshake. Topics appropriate for these appointments include:

  • knowing what you want to do, but needing help with achieving it
  • understanding your careers research and planning next steps
  • considering career options and making decisions
  • identifying and addressing problems (eg unsuccessful job interviews, struggling to gain relevant work experience for a chosen career)

*These related appointments include:

  • Careers advice
  • Final year careers advice (for final year undergraduates)
  • Postgraduate Research students careers advice

CV/application feedback

Help with job and further study applications, including:

  • CV
  • covering letter
  • applications form
  • personal statement
  • LinkedIn profile

Step 1

Use the resources on the applications web page and/or applying for further study page.

Step 2

For CVs, upload your CV to CareerSet for initial feedback.

Remember you can further refine your CV by uploading it to CareerSet multiple times, after applying the feedback it provides each time. 

Use the CV checklist in CareerSet to ensure you've covered all aspects of your CV.

Use the tailoring section to help tailor your CV for particular jobs and sectors.

Step 3

If you require feedback on an application form/personal statement/covering letter/LinkedIn profile, submit it by uploading it to your record in Handshake and messaging the Careers Information Team. You do not need to make your document "public" in Handshake for a review. 

Please note:

  • you should only submit a CV for a review by one of our team, if it is struggling to reach 70% in CareerSet, after you have implemented the feedback it initially gives
  • when submitting your CV, state your CareerSet score and what the CV is for (eg type of role/job, etc)
  • due to student demand, we are unable to provide repeat feedback on the same document (covering letter, personal statement, etc). If you have already received feedback and applied it, you do not need to request feedback on the changes you have made

Interview practice

Help with preparing for interviews and practising interview technique, including interviews for:

  • jobs 
  • further study

Step 1

Use the resources on the interview web page.

Step 2

Practise answering interview questions using Shortlist.Me.

Step 3

Book a mock interview via Handshake, but only if you have an actual job / further study interview scheduled.

Postgraduate Research students should seek to book a Postgraduate Research Student Careers appointment in the first instance (as mock interviews can be conducted in this appointment type).

Placement Year queries

Help with considering the Placement Year programme available through Careers and Placements.

Step 1

Visit the placement year web page for initial information.

Step 2

If you are a second year undergraduate, book a Placement Year appointment in Handshake. First year undergraduates may book these appointments from Spring term onwards. Autumn term appointments are restricted to second year undergraduates only.

Use a Placement Year appointment to help you:

  • understand the placements process
  • get support with your placement search
  • get feedback on your placement application

Students with a placement year available through their academic department should speak to the relevant member of staff in that department.


Help with advice about setting up your own business.

Step 1

Visit the Enterprise web pages for information and advice

Step 2

Get involved with the activities and opportunities offered by the Enterprise team

Step 3

Book an Enterprise appointment via Handshake to:

  • discuss your business idea
  • test your proof of concept
  • enquire about funding your business idea

If you want to discuss applying for a Start-up Visa, please book a Start-up Visa enquiry in Handshake.

Booking and preparing for an appointment

How do I book an appointment?

Once you've explored the resources on our website, book an appointment through Handshake:

  • Click on Career Centre / Appointments / Schedule a new appointment
  • Choose your year of study from those listed in Choose an appointment category
  • Choose which type of appointment you would like
  • Choose a date and time
  • Complete the form and click Request
  • Appointments run on weekdays and are released on a daily basis for the following week (ie Monday morning for the following Monday). They are bookable up to a week in advance.

During vacations

  • During University vacations we offer a reduced number of Careers advice appointments for any questions.

Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

  • To get the most from your appointment, please prepare beforehand by using the online resources
  • Many initial questions can be answered by using the website

Attending my appointment

  • Online appointments - please see note at the top of this Talk to us page about how we are offering appointments 
  • We will try to start appointments promptly. However, if the previous appointment has overrun, it may be late starting. However, you will still get a full appointment
  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel as soon as possible on Handshake, so another student may take the appointment time
  • Students and graduates are restricted to 3 appointments of any one type (eg Careers Advice appointments) in any term. This is to give all users a fair chance of booking appointments. Please use your allocation wisely

I'm not in York - can you still help me?

If you are:

  • a distance / online learner
  • an apprentice
  • an undergraduate on your year-long placement outside York
  • a York graduate no longer in the York area

you can still book an appointment in Handshake for an online appointment.