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We're open Monday - Friday, 10am to 5pm during term-time. See our contact details and find us on campus.

Please check the This week's appointments page for details of availability.

  • For CV reviews in summer vacation, please book a Careers Advice appointment.
  • Distance learner, apprentice or graduate not on campus? See the I'm not in York section below

Before you book, have you...?

  • checked our website for initial information relevant to your enquiry
  • accessed CareerSet to review your CV and the Interview Guide on the VLE for help with interviews

Which appointment?

Careers drop-in

Our information team will help you find resources to answer your initial careers questions. No appointment needed - just call in to Careers and Placements 11:00 - 13:00, Monday to Friday during term-time.

Use this drop-in for issues like:

  • getting started with career ideas
  • finding out about different job sectors
  • looking for work
  • thinking about further study and funding
  • understanding the York Award

International students - you can discuss issues about working in the UK during and after your studies.

For CV/application reviews, please use CareerSet first and then book a CV/application review via Careers Gateway

Careers advice appointment (20 minutes)

If you know what you want to do, but not how to achieve it, or are considering different options, use this appointment to talk to an experienced Careers Consultant.

Use this appointment to help you to:

  • understand your information research and plan your next steps
  • consider career choices and support your decision making
  • get advice on preparing for your interview or assessment centre
  • deal with unsuccessful job applications, identifying problems
  • review a CV, covering letter, personal statement or application form

Bookable through Careers Gateway from 20:00 for appointments on the next two days.

Don't forget, there are also faculty-specific Careers Advice appointments available each week. Select the appropriate types of appointments and use the calendar view in Careers Gateway to see what's available.

CV/application review appointment (20 minutes)

Use this appointment (autumn/spring term) to get feedback on your:

  • CV
  • covering letter
  • personal statement
  • application form
  • LinkedIn profile

The length of appointment allows for a review of only one application, CV, covering letter or personal statement.

Before booking a CV review, please use our online resources and upload your CV to CareerSet (York log-in required) for a score and feedback.  You should aim to achieve a score of 65-70% or more. You may then bring your CV to an appointment for further advice on how to tailor your CV for a specific job role. If you are struggling to reach this score, you can book an appointment to discuss how to progress. For more information about CareerSet see our CV and applications page.

Bookable through Careers Gateway from 20:00 for appointments on the next two days.  NOTE In summer term please book a Careers advice appointment for your CV/application review.

Mock interview (30 minutes)

The chance to practise answering competency-based interview questions in a safe environment, with expert feedback on your approach.

A Careers Consultant will use generic interview questions, so you do not need to send us your application and job description in advance.  The focus will be on how you answer questions and perform during an interview.  It will be useful to look at the C-A-R model in our information sheet Interviews (PDF , 753kb)   before you come for your mock interview.

Bookable through Careers Gateway seven days in advance.

Placement queries (15 minutes)

Appointments with our Placements Team are specifically for students considering the Placement Year programme available through Careers and Placements.

Use this appointment to help you to:

  • understand the placements process
  • get support with your placement search
  • get feedback on your placement application

Book by telephoning 01904 322685 or call into Careers and Placements.

Students with a placement year available through their academic department should speak to the relevant member of staff in that department.

Postgraduate research student careers advice appointment (30 minutes)

Use this appointment, with the Careers Consultant for postgraduate researchers, to discuss any aspect of career management, including:

  • building skills and experience
  • generating career ideas
  • identifying next steps
  • exploring options
  • decision making
  • applications and recruitment
  • interview preparation/mock interview (please state in the notes section what you are applying for, when booking for this)

whether you are hoping to stay in academia or are looking at careers in other sectors.

Bookable through Careers Gateway seven days in advance.

Department-specific careers advice appointment

Careers advice from your department's Careers Consultant may be available in your academic department or in Careers and Placements. Check Careers Gateway for details for advice appointments available for your department's faculty (Arts and Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences).  You can also book a Careers advice appointment in Careers Gateway (listed separately from the Faculty appointments.) Select the appropriate types of appointments and use the calendar view in Careers Gateway to see what's available.

Bookable through Careers Gateway seven days in advance.

Enterprise consultation (20 minutes)

Use this appointment to:

  • discuss your business idea
  • test your proof of concept
  • enquire about funding your business idea

Bookable through Careers Gateway seven days in advance.

Booking and preparing for your appointment

How do I book an appointment?

  • Book appointments through Careers Gateway; you usually need to make your booking from 20:00 for the next day or the day after
  • Mock interviews and faculty appointments can be booked further ahead - up to 7 days in advance
  • Check which Careers staff are available for appointments this week
  • No need to book for Careers drop-in sessions Monday - Friday in term time, 11:00-13:00 in Careers and Placements, for help from our information team with a range of topics.

During vacations

  • During University vacations we offer a reduced number of Careers advice appointments only - you can use these for any questions, including CV/application reviews.

Why can I only book two days in advance for general Careers advice?

  • This means you have the chance of getting an appointment as soon as possible 
  • The short time between booking and attending means you are less likely to forget and miss your appointment.

What appointments are running this week?

See a list of appointments for the coming week.

Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

  • To get the most from your appointment, please prepare beforehand by using online resources – eg the CV guide on the VLE prior to a CV review, and the resources on our website
  • If you are coming for a CV or application review, please bring a paper copy with you.

Attending my appointment

  • Arrive promptly - if you are late your appointment may be cut short or cancelled 
  • We will try to start appointments promptly. However, if the previous appointment has overrun, you will still get a full appointment
  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel as soon as possible on Careers Gateway or ring 01904 322685
  • If you are attending a CV/application review, bring a paper copy of your CV or application with you
  • If you miss two appointments in one term you will not be allowed to book any further appointments for the following two term weeks
  • Students and graduates are restricted to 5 appointments of any one type (eg Careers Advice appointments) in any 70 day period. This is to give all users a fair chance of booking appointments. Please use your allocation wisely.

I'm not in York - can you still help me?

If you are:

  • a distance / online learner
  • an apprentice
  • an undergraduate on your year-long placement outside York
  • a York graduate no longer in the York area

you can still book an appointment in Careers Gateway.  If you need a phone or skype appointment, book an appointment via Careers Gateway and then let us know your number or skype ID by emailing

Service use eligibility

  • Only current students and graduates of the University have full access to our services. Exceptions to this include graduate access to appointments at busy periods, when priority will be given to current students.
  • If you graduated from York prior to 2018, please telephone 01904 322685 to discuss your appointment needs.
  • Graduates of other institutions have limited access for up to three years after graduation. Appointment availability is subject to demand from current students, who will receive priority, and you should contact your own institution in the first instance.
  • Access is not available to University staff and members of the public, unless they meet the above criteria (ie are graduates of York or a recent graduate of another university).
  • If we are not able to help you, you may be able to get support from the National Careers Service

Did you know...?

In Autumn term 2019:

  • 210 students were seen at Careers Drop-in sessions
  • 57 students had either a Placement Year or Enterprise appointment
  • 1,054 Careers appointments, faculty appointments and mock interviews were available
  • 736 of which were booked by students
There were 98 appointments where students failed to attend without letting us know

Find out what else we did at our monthly stats page