Technologies for the future

Technology is at the heart of human progress. From man’s first fashioning of stone tools to today’s digital age, our basic needs remain the same: food, energy, medicine, safety and communications. Find out how York researchers are shaping the future in these areas.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) research

From covid analysis to air quality, our researchers are investigating the immediate impact of the virus as well as the longer-term implications for society. 

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Understanding the human body and its biological pathways has motivated the development of novel imaging methods for centuries, and it continues to drive innovations in the physical sciences.

Our bioimaging research is pushing technological frontiers to explore biological systems on all lengthscales, ranging from the molecular, to the cellular and the whole-body level.

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Professor Dan Watts and Professor Mark Leake, Research Champions for Technologies for the Future

Dan Watts is Chair in Hadron and Nuclear Physics in the Department of Physics. In pure science research he leads programmes which span the boundaries of particle and nuclear physics, using some of the world's most intense beams of high energy photons and electrons to interrogate the fundamental properties of matter. 

Mark is the Anniversary Chair of Biological Physics jointly appointed between the Departments of Physics and Biology. His research focuses on developing new microscopy technologies from the physical sciences that allow us to gain unprecedented insights into the inner workings of living cells at the ‘nanoscale’ of single molecules.

Technologies for the future research at York: overview (PDF , 148kb)