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Our global reputation is built on excellent research that begins with understanding the fundamental underpinnings of health and disease. We draw on a wide range of academic skills and disciplines, working together to discover, refine and apply new interventions to improve health and wellbeing.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) research

From covid analysis to air quality, our researchers are investigating the immediate impact of the virus as well as the longer-term implications for society. 

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Focus area

Children's palliative care

Research at the Martin House Research Centre is focused on children and young people with life-limiting or complex medical conditions.

Our multidisciplinary approach is centred on the patients, their families and the people who care for them.

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Research Champion

Professor Karen Bloor, Acting Research Champion for Health and Wellbeing

Karen Bloor is Professor of Health Economics and Policy in the Department of Health Sciences where she works on research relating to the financing and delivery of health care, particularly aspects of the health care workforce.

Health and wellbeing research at York: overview (PDF , 200kb)