Culture and communication

Working on all periods from prehistory to the present, and on places across the globe, our researchers explore every kind of cultural activity, product and practice from poetry to pollution, alongside every aspect of communications from syntax to cyberspace.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) research

From covid analysis to air quality, our researchers are investigating the immediate impact of the virus as well as the longer-term implications for society. 

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The built environment

We live in a world that has been shaped by human activity. Our researchers explore the past, present and future of the built environments we inhabit.

Researchers at York have explored the historical, cultural and societal significance of the buildings and human-made spaces into which we are born, live, work, relax, worship and grow old in. Their work shows how the shape and form of the built environment constrains and affects the way we live.

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Research Champions

Dr Keith Allen and Dr Mark Jenner, research champions for Culture and Communication

Mark Jenner is a reader in the Department of History. He works on the social and cultural history of early modern England and on the social history of medicine c.1500-c.1800. His primary research interests focus on ideas of dirt and pollution.

Keith Allen is senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy. His research focuses primarily on colour and perception, and he is interested in related issues in early modern philosophy and the phenomenological tradition.

Research Champion Leaflet: Culture and Communication (PDF , 159kb)

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