Environmental sustainability and resilience

Our research addresses the unprecedented global challenges of ensuring food security, the increasing demand for energy and water, and preventing environmental degradation - all in the face of climate change. By collaborating widely and working across disciplines, researchers at York are helping to shape a more sustainable future for us all.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) research

From covid analysis to air quality, our researchers are investigating the immediate impact of the virus as well as the longer-term implications for society. 

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Food security and sustainability

The global population is expanding rapidly and our food system is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Our research investigates how global change, agricultural policies and food waste affect the sustainability of our food supply and develops methods and technologies to tackle these issues.

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Research Champion

Professor Jane Hill, Research Champion for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience

Jane Hill is a Professor of Ecology in the Department of Biology. Her research focuses on understanding the ecological responses of species to environmental change, with the aim of developing effective conservation management and policy for reducing biodiversity losses.

Environmental sustainability and resilience research at York: overview (PDF , 135kb)