As the global population grows, ensuring everyone has access to enough nutritious food that is safe to eat, is increasingly challenging.

Natural resources are being consumed at unprecedented rates, water supplies are unpredictable, and increasing affluence has encouraged the production of resource-intensive foods such as meat and dairy.

We work with industry, government and academic communities to move towards guaranteeing food security at local, national and international levels. Natural and social scientists are collaborating with industry and government to develop sustainable solutions to improving food security, focusing on:

  • Sustainable food production 
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Food and the consumer


Major collaborative projects since 2015


Departments and centres involved

Over £15m

Food-related research income in recent years

N8 AgriFood

N8 AgriFood, led by the University of York, is a collaborative and interdisciplinary programme between eight research-intensive universities in the North of England, working to ensure sustainable, resilient and healthy food supplies for all.

Case studies

Research at the University of York recognises the importance of looking at the entire food production system from farm to fork.

Healthier food, healthier planet

We received £6m to investigate the role of food systems on child and environmental health.

Food systems resilience

IKnowFood explores food resilience on farms, in supply chains and among consumers.

Sustainable Yorkshire

BioYorkshire will deliver a bold new green agenda to boost the regional economy.

Food and energy production

We're supporting East African agricultural communities through the use of solar power.

Improving amaranth varieties

We're developing new varieties with improved nutritional content and agronomic traits.

Consumption in the Global South

We're exploring sustainable consumption and agri-food ethics in the Global South.

Wheat landraces in a glasshouse


Influencing policy

To ensure our research has a real-world impact our researchers inform policy at local, national and international levels on issues such as food poverty, climate change and Covid-19.

Covid and international trade

A York researcher gave evidence to the International Trade Committee.

National Food Strategy

Our researchers hosted a trial Citizen Food Assembly which fed into the National Food Strategy.

Tackling food poverty

Our experts developed a report with the York Food Justice Alliance to tackle food poverty.

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