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BioYork is a University of York-led initiative focused on using our world class research and knowledge base to drive the development of UK bio-based industries to deliver growth, jobs and environmental benefits.

Global consumption has driven demand for food, energy and materials to an all-time high. At the same time, the need and legal obligations to mitigate climate change requires a shift from petrochemical based products and energy sources to low carbon sustainable alternatives.

There is an urgency now for new partnerships between academia and industry to solve these challenges. Seizing this opportunity will require a step change in our current thinking, and our approach.

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A strong and vibrant bioeconomy has the power to harness biotechnology to transform the way we address challenges in food, chemicals, energy, materials and medicines and address the ‘perfect storm’ of resource depletion, population growth and climate change.

- Professor Ian Graham FRS, Director of BioYork and Weston Chair of Biochemical Genetics, Department of Biology

Solving global challenges

We aim to translate research into technologies, processes and products to address the major 21st century challenges of healing, feeding and fuelling the world.


Novel uses of nature's solutions for healthcare and pharmaceuticals.


Improving the productivity, sustainability and nutritional value of crops and food.


Developing new sources of bio-based fuels and chemicals.