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First-year modules

To help you develop essential music skills, there are four core modules for first-year students.

Making Music, Studying Music includes two components: firstly, the Practical Project, which involves the preparation and public performance of a piece of music theatre, and secondly, Researching, Talking and Writing about Music, which develops many of the skills you will need for the degree programme and supervised individual study. In these classes, you will learn how to prepare successful research presentations and seminar or essay submissions.

Developing Musicianship involves two strands: Aural Skills, and Harmony and Counterpoint. Aural Skills develops musicianship through focussed listening to music and critical reflection on that experience. The study of Harmony and Counterpoint equips you with tools that are useful throughout your degree programme and beyond. Assessment is through a series of short take-away papers.

Listen to This! This module includes two components: weekly lectures offering an overview of the history of music through a variety of key works and genres, and weekly evening concerts that cover a wide range of live performance styles. The weekly lectures are given by different academic staff and serve as an introduction to a range of musicological approaches. In each case, the work will be placed into its historical and cultural context. Assessment for this module is through the submission of a short essay.

Performance Studies includes solo studies, supported by your individual instrumental or vocal teacher, as well as ensemble studies. Students are required to participate in at least one departmental ensemble or officially registered student-led ensemble. 

First-Year ‘Project’

In the second half of the Autumn Term, all first-year students take Musical Analysis. This is designed to give you the experience of the 'project' format (skill-based exercises, researching materials, delivering seminar presentations, academic writing) before entering the full cross-year modules in the Spring Term. 

BA student Anna Edginton

York is the perfect environment to explore and grow for three years, both musically and personally. Performance, academia and composition are all equally valued. There are endless amounts of singing opportunities if you wish to make the most of your time here.

Anna Edgington
(BA in Music)