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BioArCh People

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Academic Staff

Dr Michelle Alexander 

Stable Isotope Analysis, Ancient DNA


Professor Oliver Craig 
Lipid Residue Analysis, Stable Isotope Analysis


Dr Jessica Hendy 

Dr David Orton 

Dr Nathan Wales 

Malin Holst 
Human Osteoarchaeology

Dr Kirsty Penkman

Geochronology and Archaeological Chemistry


Research Staff

Dr Manon Bondetti

Miss Miranda Evans Research Assistant 

TEMPERA network

Dr Virginia Harvey Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Leverhulme Trust


Dr Mik Lisowski Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Leverhulme Trust

Dr Alexandre Lucquin Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Anita Radini Research Fellow
Wellcome Trust

Dr Harry Robson Research Fellow-SEACHANGE

Marie Curie Sklowdoska Fellows

Dr Maria Fontanals-Coll
NEOMEDIS: Neolithic Mediterranean diet through stable isotope analysis

Dr Efrossini Vika
EcoNoMy. Economy of Non-elite Mycenaeans

PhD Students

Blessing Chidimuro

Sarah Delaney

Katrien Dierickx

Sarah Everett

Isabella Gaffney

Eleanor Green

Jasmine Lundy

Aurore Monnereu

Javier Montalvo

Mariana Muñoz-Rodríguez

James Nottingham

Elizabeth Quinlan

Anne Kathrine Runge

Silvia Soncin

Carla Soto Quintana

Edward Standall

 Alice Ughi

Support and Technician Staff

Dr. Josie Thomas 
Finance and Research Administrator 

Eleanor Booker
SeaChanges ITN Project Manager

Dr. Helen Talbot
Experimental Officer

Matthew von Tersch
Laboratory Manager

Richard Hagan

Senior Research Technician


Dr. Sam Presslee
ZooMS Technician


Ms Sarah Dwyer

ChemArch ITN Project Manager


BioArCh Alumni

Professor Matthew Collins (2003-2016)
Now dividing his time between the Universities of Copenhagen and Cambridge, Matthew came to York in 2003 and founded the BioArCh facility.  

Dr Ashley Coutu completed her PhD at the University of York in 2011-2077, and was also a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow based at BioArCh and the Univesity of Cape Town. She is now a Lecturer at Newcastle University. 

Dr Beatrice Demarchi (2006-16) after completing her PhD as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher on the Geochronology of coastal prehistoric environments she remained at York as a postdoctoral researcher on the NERC funded 'Building a Better Egg Timer' and the EPSRC project 'Hard Soft Matter Interfaces. 

Dr Camilla Speller joined BioArCh in 2012 as a Marie Curie postdoctoral research fellow (EU-IIF), before becoming a Lecturer and Director of the Ancient DNA laboratory at York in 2014. 

Dr Caroline Solazzo (2009-12) was a Marie Curie Research Fellow working with Matthew Collins on textile and hair proteomics. Caroline went on to be a Research Scientist at the Smithsonian Institution.

Dr Cynthianne Debono Spiteri (2008-12) completed a PhD on ‘Pottery use at the transition to agriculture in the western Mediterranean: evidence from biomolecular and isotopic characterisation of organic residues in Impressed/Cardial Ware vessels’ under the supervision of Oliver Craig. Cynthianne went to a postdoctoral research position working on plant foods in hominin dietary ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig and is now a junior professor at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Dr Enrico Cappellini (2004-08) came to York on a Marie Curie Research Fellowship working on the restoration of the past genetic heritage and proteomics with Matthew Collins. Enrico went on to the Statens Naturhistoriske Museum in Copenhagen as an Assistant Professor of Geogenetics.

Dr Frederick ‘Freder’ Feulner (2009-11) came to York as a postdoctoral researcher working with Matthew Collins on the Marie Curie International Training Network, LeCHE. Freder went on to work with Holtenauer Verlag on under water sites in Northern Germany.

Dr Hannah Koon (2006-10) was a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow working with Matthew Collins on the development of tools to detect sub-clinical pathology in scorbutic bone. Hannah went on to a Lecturship in Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford.

Dr Hayley Saul completed her PhD in BioArCh in 2011 exploring plant microfossils, particularly pottery residues. She is now based at Western Sydney University where she is the director of the Himayalan Exploration and Archaeological Research Team. 

Dr Igor Gutiérrez Zugasti (2011-13) came to York as a Newton International Fellow working with Geoff Bailey on the exploitation of coastal resources by hunter gatherers across the Upper Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic in Northern Spain. Igor went on to work at the Universidad de Cantabria.

Dr Ioannis Konstantpolous completed his PhD in 2018 on petrous bone diagenesis. He is now based at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

Dr Isabella von Hostein (2008-12) completed a PhD with Matthew Collins on ‘A light stable isotope approach to identifying movement of medieval textiles in North West Europe’. Isabella went on to be a postdoctoral researcher at Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel.

Dr Joanna Simpson (2011-14) completed a NERC funded PhD with Matthew Collins and Kirsty Penkman 'Investigating the relationship between glutamine deamidation and collagen breakdown in bone'. Joanna went on to a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Karen Hardy (2005-08) came to York as a Marie Curie Research Fellow working with Matthew Collins on diagenesis of ancient starch. Karen is now a Research Professor at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

Dr Karine Taché (2011-13) came to York as a Marie Curie Research Fellow working with Oliver Craig on early pottery uses in North Eastern North America. Karine went on to be a Professor at Queens College, City University of New York

Dr Kristine Korzow Richter came to BioArCh as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellow and a Newton International Fellow, focussing on the analysis of collagen sequences to aid in fish bone identification. She is now a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. 

Dr Laura Llorente-Rodriguez came to BioArCh in 2015 as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow where she explored European fisheries as part of the FISHARC project. She is now an Assistant Professor at Leiden University. 

Dr Lisa Shillito (2010-13) was a postdoctoral research associate working with Oliver Craig on the Feeding Stonehenge project. Lisa went on to work as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and is now a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University. 

Dr Mike Buckley (2006-10) completed a NERC funded PhD followed by a postdoctoral research position researching bone collagen with Matthew Collins. Mike went on to work at the University of Bournemouth before taking up a NERC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Manchester, where he is now a Senior Research Fellow.

Dr Miriam Cubas joined BioArCh in 2015 as a Marie Curie postdoctoral researcg fellow looking at the role of pottery in the transition to farming on the Atlantic Coast of Europe
Research Fellow

Dr Nienke van Doorn (2008-12) completed a PhD with Matthew Collins funded through the Marie Curie International Training Network, LeCHE. Nienke went on to be Collections Manager with the York Archaeological Trust.

Dr Rebecca Griffin completed her PhD with Matthew Collins in 2002. She is now based at the University of Sydney. 

Dr Shinya Shoda joined BioArCh as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow in 2014 where he explored the beginning and early development of pottery in East Asia, using lipid and stable isotope analysis. He is based at Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties in Japan.

Dr Sophy Charlton (2012-16) completed a PhD with Michelle Alexander. Sophy went on to be a postdoctoral researcher at the Natural History Museum on an ERC funded project Up-North.