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Dr Helen Marie Talbot
Experimental officer



Helen is the mass spectrometry instrument technician in BioArCh. She holds a BSc in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Organic Geochemistry from the University of Bristol where she worked with Prof. James Maxwell (FRS) on phytoplankton pigment geochemistry.

Helen came to York in 2017 to take up the post of Experimental Officer working with Oliver Craig and Michelle Alexander specializing in GC-MS of lipid residues in archaeological materials and GC-c-IRMS analysis of lipids and amino acids.



Experimental Officer in BioArCh (University of York)


Reader in Organic Geochemisty (Newcastle University) and holder of ERC starting independent researcher award AMOProx: Quantifying Aerobic Methane Oxidation in the Ocean – Calibration and Paleoapplication of a Novel Proxy.


Experimental Officer in Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (Newcastle University)


Post doctoral research associate (Newcastle University)


PhD Student at University of Bristol. NERC funded project with Prof. James Maxwell FRS. Thesis title - Steryl Chlorin Esters: Origin, significance and potential as indicators of phytoplankton community structure.

Departmental roles

Helen’s main role is in the maintenance and running of the GC-FID, GC-MS, EA-IRMS and GC-c-IRMS instruments in BioArCh as well as method development for amino acid compound specific isotope analysis. She is working with Dr Oliver Craig and Dr Michelle Alexander and other researchers and students in BioArCh on a number of research projects covering archaeological material from a diverse range of settings and time periods.


Full publications list

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