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We need your help

Join the energy revolution!

Our University thrives on innovation and technology. However, with a physical campus of our size, and a community population in excess of 20,000 people, comes a great responsibility for our energy consumption, carbon footprint and impact on the world around us.

It’s time for us all to rally together and make a real difference. Every small positive change we make adds up to a significant impact when we use energy wisely.

Imagine these small changes:

  • By switching off lights in 10 empty rooms, we could save an impressive £76 per day. Multiply that by 100 rooms across campus, and we're looking at £760 a day and 716kgCO2e.
  • Leaving windows open while the air conditioning is on can cost nearly £5 per day per room? That's another £500 and 75kgCO2e, for 100 rooms across campus.
  • Switching off computers instead of leaving them on standby can save us £14 and 13kgCO2e per year, per computer. 
  • 3,000kgCO2e could be saved by only filling kettles to the water level needed. One kettle overfilled can cost us £33 a year in wasted energy. Multiply that by the number of kettles we have on campus and it adds up to a staggering £3300, 3,000kgCO2e annually.

You can help by doing each of these actions.

Begin with these top tips today

It is important now, more than ever, to understand how we can efficiently cut our energy wastage and in turn lower our carbon footprint.

Top tips for reducing energy wastage on campus

Together, we can embrace improved efficiencies and make a tangible impact on our energy consumption and environmental sustainability.

It's not just about individual actions. We're calling on every department to review their energy consumption and find ways to reduce waste and costs. Where possible our sustainability team will be on hand to provide support and guidance, including data to help inform potential changes.