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Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Future Initiatives

As we continue our focus on long-term sustainability, we're ramping up efforts to raise awareness and take action. Through our energy-saving campaign, we aim to not only promote thoughtful energy consumption, but also uncover new cost-saving opportunities.

Central to our sustainability plan is the reduction of emissions, which hinges on cutting energy usage. Additionally, we're introducing a Sustainable Research Code of Practice to embed sustainability principles in our research endeavours.

To further enhance our energy-saving impact, and contribute toward the 1,586 TCO2e reduction, we're undertaking the following initiatives:

  • Conducting night-time baseline audits and central building energy-saving checks.
  • Implementing measures to ensure windows are closed and lights are off when not in use.
  • Developing checklists for departments to conduct self-audits, covering areas like freezer temperatures, fume cupboard closures, and ensuring lights and windows are closed when heating is on.
  • Expanding the adoption of the Green Impact program.
  • Collaborating with TechYork and the TC Delivery Group to foster innovation.
  • Facilitating increased networking between central and departmental energy groups.
  • Enhancing energy-saving training initiatives such as Carbon Literacy Training and Climate Fresks.

These planned activities underscore our commitment to cost-saving measures and improved energy efficiency, paving the way for a more resilient future.