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Through this campaign, we're committed to make meaningful strides in energy conservation, and our energy-saving campaign values will help us come together as a university community to make a real difference.

Community Engagement

Let's rally together as a university community! Our messages echo the importance of collective action - every individual plays a crucial role in this journey. Small changes from each of us can make a big impact. 

Environmental Sustainability

Our campaign extends its reach to encompass the broader spectrum of environmental sustainability. By curbing energy waste, and aiming to cut carbon emissions by a targeted 1,586 TCO2e, we're taking steps to shrink our environmental footprint and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Financial Savings

We're on a mission to save money through energy conservation, demonstrating our commitment to responsible financial management and better efficiency.

Empowerment and Education

We're arming individuals and departments with practical tips and tools to champion sustainable practices. Through education and empowerment, we're aiming to bring about a change to our behaviours, embracing lasting energy-saving habits.

Long-Term Impact

While we focus on immediate savings, we recognise the significance of sustainable practices. Our efforts today lay the groundwork for both long-term environmental and financial prosperity. financial prosperity and environmental wellbeing.