As part of the Thanzi la Onse project, Alan Msosa is ensuring resources are effectively allocated to make a positive difference to the health of local communities in East Africa.

Tell us about your research

As a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC), I am part of a research team in Thanzi la Onse (Health of All), a project funded by the RCUK Collective Fund. The project aims to develop an analytical model to support health care resource allocation decision-making to address the health needs of populations in eastern and southern Africa, initially focusing on Malawi and Uganda.

This interdisciplinary project intersects the fields of health, economics and politics. The Department of Politics and International Relations, where the IGDC is based, leads the project’s politics theme. This strand of work recognises the importance of understanding policy and governance contexts when developing economic and economic models for designing health benefits packages, especially in low income countries.

How did you become involved in this field of work?

I became involved in the project because I have an interdisciplinary background and experience in Africa of conducting field research and facilitating stakeholder consultations. 

What difference will your research make?

The thematic research will support the Thanzi la Onse project in the design of economic models that reflect local realities. The research will also facilitate the adoption of strategies which will ensure the successful implementation of resource allocation decisions which best meet the health needs of local communities.