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Physics with Philosophy

The Physics with Philosophy degrees at York gives students a broad perspective of the insights of great thinkers, where the works of Newton and Einstein stand alongside those of Plato and Kant. In the Physics department, all the core physics modules are studied. Students graduate with a knowledge of physics as fine as that of the single honours physics students. The omission of laboratory work and optional modules creates space for the broader philosophical considerations.

In the Philosophy department, the entire history of thought is studied, not just the philosophy of science. Students emerge with knowledge of the great thinkers of antiquity, of different strands of world philosophy, and the modern perspective. Any student who has grasped this intellectually challenging material is well placed in the job market.

Available Undergraduate Physics with Philosophy courses include: 

Our degree programmes are offered as a four year Integrated Masters course (MPhys) or three year Bachelors course (BSc) and can be studied with an optional Year Abroad.

For further information on choosing your course see our Studying Physics guide.

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Supervision meetings, tutorials and our open door policy are distinctive in our teaching to ensure a friendly and supportive environment.


Over 80% of graduates are in employment or further study after six months of graduating.
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