Our School creates a world-class environment for engineering and physics to work together and develop future technologies for the public good.

Our vision

We advance fundamental discovery research, and progress it through to the development of practical applications with environmental, economic and societal benefits – “translation” research, in areas such as:

  • Digital engineering
  • Robotics and medical technologies
  • Sustainable science and engineering

Our range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes provide all of our students with the skills to succeed in careers across a broad range of scientific, technological, and related disciplines. 

Individual student learning needs are supported with a range of interactions with academic staff in small and large group teaching as well training in well-equipped laboratory spaces. 

Our researchers, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, conduct research to expand the boundaries of understanding as well as using this to develop transformational technologies by working with industrial partners.

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School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

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We're a School at the forefront of pioneering global research and technological advancement in our world-leading research centres.

Professor Kieran Gibson, Head of School

100+ academic staff

provide a range of expertise in teaching and research

6+ commercial spin out companies

2 accrediting bodies

recognising the quality of our courses

Our facilities

We have a range of high-tech teaching and research facilities, including the York JEOL Nanocentre, the York Plasma Institute and the Astrocampus. We've recently invested £2.4m into our engineering facilities, including the Engineering Manufacturing Facility.

Maintained by our team of skilled technicians, our teaching labs and research centres are available to staff, students and our research and industry partners to enhance learning and support cutting-edge research.

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Newton's apple tree

In a courtyard garden within the School, we have a grafted cutting of an ancient apple tree which still exists in Isaac Newton's garden.

It is said to be part of the tree from which an apple fell in the summer of 1666 and inspired him to speculate on the nature of gravitation. We were given our tree in 1976 by Kew Gardens.

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Culture of inclusivity

We strive to provide an environment which allows all staff and students to contribute fully, to flourish, and to excel.

We're committed to working towards gender equality in STEM through the Athena Swan charter. We're also proud to hold a Juno Champion award which recognises our action to address the under-representation of women in Physics.

We aim to inspire young people to engage with science through our outreach work.

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School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

+44 (0)1904 321334