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Artists impression of Astrocampus rolling roof conservatory at Night

Students working on the Astrocampus radio telescope

First Year Astrophysics Lab Experiment demonstration by students

Students taking measurements with telescopes on the Astrocampus

Physics with Astrophysics

A Physics degree with a focus on Astrophysics at York gives students an understanding of the scale and physical processes at work in the Universe. From the nuclear reactions that power our Sun to the great challenges of cosmology, students gain an appreciation of the greater cosmos with specialities in topics aligned with the department’s active research.

A University of York Physics with Astrophysics graduate has skills in physical applications, numeracy, computation, theory and observation which are highly regarded by employers. A solid grounding in general physics ensures graduates are also widely employable in general physics areas. A flagship of the programme is the Astrocampus, the department’s dedicated observatory. Students are given autonomous access to telescopes from their first weeks at University and develop key skills in the collection and analysis of data from optical, solar and radio telescopes. Research projects give students an opportunity to explore the Universe for themselves and develop skills for further physics research.

Available Undergraduate Physics with Astrophysics courses include: 

Our degree programmes are offered as a four year Integrated Masters course (MPhys) or three year Bachelors course (BSc) and can be studied with an optional Year Abroad.

For further inforamtion on choosing your course see our Studying Physics guide.

All our programmes are accredited by the Institute of Physics




There has been major investment in our facilities including the York-JEOL Nanocentre, York Plasma Institute and Astrocampus.


Over 80 per cent of graduates are in employment or further study after six months of graduating. Read more about careers and employability.