We research various aspects of quantum gravity and allied areas of mathematical physics, including quantum mechanics and classical general relativity.

A major interest of our research group is the theory of quantum fields in curved spacetime, often in the framework of algebraic quantum field theory.

Our work often involves rigorous techniques drawn from areas of pure mathematics such as functional analysis, operator algebras, differential geometry, microlocal analysis and category theory.

The physical importance of this research arises from several angles. Hawking's prediction of black hole evaporation indicates deep interconnections between quantum theory, gravity and thermodynamics.

Work on quantum gravitation has changed our perspective on both classical general relativity and quantum field theory. It has also focused attention on crucial issues relevant to the problem of finding a unified theory of quantum gravity.

Finally, high-energy phenomena described by quantum fields are believed to have dominated the era just after the big bang and hence to have determined the present structure of the universe.

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