Atsushi Higuchi



I obtained a PhD in Physics from Yale University under the supervision of Feza Gürsey. I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Maryland, University of Chicago, and the University of Bern. I have been in York since 1996.

Departmental roles

Director of MSc Mathematical Sciences



My main research area is in the interface between general relativity and quantum field theory. In particular, I work extensively on quantum field theory in de Sitter spacetime, which is relevant to inflationary cosmology. I also work on quantum entanglement and semi-classical aspect of quantum field theory.

Research group(s)

Mathematical Physics Research Group

Available PhD research projects

Lorentzian-Euclidean equivalence for quantum field theory in de Sitter spacetime

The ultimate goal of this project is to formulate all perturbative quantum field theories in de Sitter spacetime, a spacetime relevant to inflationary cosmology, as a Euclidean field theory on a sphere. For a PhD project the student will work towards this goal working on the Euclidean formulation of a particular field theory, e.g., massless scalar field theory.


Radiation reaction in quantum field theory in curved spacetime

A particle coupled to fields, e.g. gravitational or electromagnetic fields, emits radiation. Since radiation carries away energy and momentum, there is back-reaction force on the particle emitting the radiation. This force has been calculated in classical field theory but has been reproduced in quantum electrodynamics in flat spacetime. The aim of this project is to reproduce (or possibly find quantum corrections to) the classical radiation-reaction force in quantum field theory in curved spacetime.



  • Quantum Mechanics 1
  • Quantum Mechanics 3
  • Advanced General Relativity

Contact details

Prof. Atsushi Higuchi
Room G/N/108

Tel: +44 1904 32 3089