We explore broad areas of geometry and analysis, generating impact in academic and non-academic spheres.

Our research interests in geometry include:

  • differential geometry, including harmonic maps and sections
  • variational theory of riemannian g-structures
  • integrable surface theory (minimal surfaces, CMC surfaces, Willmore surfaces)
  • geometric group theory, including the interplay between groups and manifolds, particularly in hyperbolic geometry
  • geometric invariant theory including the theory of invariants of linear algebraic groups acting on algebraic varieties.

Our analysts are active in functional analysis, operator theory, harmonic analysis and in applications of analysis to integral and differential equations and signal processing. We also have expertise in probabilistic methods in dynamical systems and ergodic theory.

We enjoy a vibrant research community and offer a range of PhD opportunities.

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We host regular seminars, lectures, study groups and informal meetings throughout the year. 


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