Our research covers many areas of mathematics with industrial applications.

The wide range of our expertise includes fluid dynamics, soft matter, quantum information, mathematical virology, statistical analysis, dynamical systems, ecological modelling and asymptotic analysis for acoustic wave propagation.

Application case studies

Fisheries research: Professor Jon Pitchford and Dr Gustav Delius are working with Cefas and commercial partners Seafish and Waitrose to understand complex relationships between different species, human behaviours and marine ecosystems for a sustainable future.

Statistical modelling: Dr Jessica Hargreaves is analysing data from sporting events in collaboration with Sky Betting and Gaming.

Product authentication: Professor Julie Wilson is collaborating with Eluceda Ltd to develop methods for the detection of counterfeit spirits, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Mechanistic spatial modelling: In collaboration with Yorkshire Water, Professor Martin Bees is developing bio-physical models of anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment plants.

Quantum information: As part of the AQuRand project and the Quantum Communications Hub Professor Roger Colbeck is developing an assurance process for quantum random number generators together with the National Physical Laboratory and several companies.

Mathematical virology: Professor Reidun Twarock and her team are exploiting geometric constraints to determine viral packaging signals and provide enhanced delivery of genetic cargo for gene therapy. The team are working with doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital to ensure clinical application of the results.

Aero-acoustic modelling and noise prediction: Dr Zamir Koshuriyan’s research activities are in asymptotic analysis of turbulence, wave propagation and diffraction theory problems for aero-acoustics. The group validates the asymptotic models against numerical solutions and large-data sets unsteady CFD solutions. Our work involves collaboration with Industrial partners.