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Zamir Koshuriyan



I was an undergraduate at the University of Bristol and did my PhD at Cambridge University (2004-2008). After this, I held several Postdoctoral/long-term fellowships. These were at DAMTP Cambridge University, Stanford University, the NASA Glenn Research Center, Imperial College London and University of Strathclyde. I joined the University of York in 2022 as a Lecturer in Industry-facing Mathematics.



My research interests include: using asymptotic analysis for acoustic wave propagation, diffraction/scattering theory and in the kinematic/dynamical modelling of non-homogeneous turbulence in jets.

The work I conduct bridges the gap between computational fluid mechanics (CFD)-based numerical analysis and self-consistent asymptotic analysis for the solution to industrial-focused fluid mechanical problems. These problems relate (in the main) to the aero-acoustics of free jet flows and the use of rapid-distortion theory to model turbulence interaction in leading/trailing edge noise prediction. We are using the latter technique to model wind turbine noise in air/underwater conditions as well.

I have done a lot work on kinematic/dynamical modelling of non-homogeneous turbulence. This analysis was successfully validated against numerical solutions obtained from large unsteady CFD calculations. Currently, I am also looking into using asymptotic methods for heat/mass transfer problems in the context of, among other things, seawater desalination.

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Applied Research Group

Available PhD research projects

I received the EPSRC New Investigator Award in 2022. This will give me funding to support a PDRA for 3 years in addition to 1-2 PhD students. Externally funded students are encouraged to make contact.

I can offer PhD projects in the area of aero-acoustics, turbulence theory/modelling, and transition modelling. The projects can be tailored to the student's interests of course.



  • Complex and Asymptotic Methods


  • Complex and Asymptotic Methods

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Dr Zamir Koshuriyan

Tel: +44 1904 32