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Konstantin Ilin



I studied in Novosibirsk State University (Russia), then worked as a researcher in Lavrentyev Institute for Hydrodynamics (Russian Academy of Sciences) and in Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. I was appointed as a lecturer in Hull in 2001 and then in York in 2005.



My research concerns fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and hydrodynamic stability theory.

In particular, I am interested in the following areas:

Hydrodynamic stability for nearly inviscid flows through domains with permeable boundary. Such flows have interesting unusual features, eg, in certain situations, their stability properties may be almost unaffected by the flow details at the outflow part of the boundary, but strongly depend on what is happening at the inflow part.

Mean effects of high frequency vibrations of small amplitude in fluids and plasma. These include steady (acoustic) streaming generated by vibrating walls or bodies, mean flows induced by interacting acoustic or magnetohydrodynamic waves and waves on a free-surface of vibrating fluid. 


Research group(s)

Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Research Group

Available PhD research projects

PhD supervision is available in the above areas.

Recent example of a PhD project: Muhammad Adil Sadiq (PhD 2011) investigated steady streaming in a viscous incompressible fluid induced by oscillating rigid bodies.



  • Quantum & Continuum dynamics
  • Partial Differential Equations I (H Level)
  • Partial Differential Equations II (H Level)
  • Classical Dynamics


  • Partial Differential Equations I (M Level)
  • Patrial Differential Equations II (M Level)
  • Quantum & Continuum dynamics

Contact details

Dr Konstantin Ilin

Tel: +44 1904 32 4149