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Ian McIntosh



I was an undergraduate at Monash University (Australia) and did my PhD at Imperial College, London. Before arriving at York I worked at the Universities of Cambridge, Newcastle, Bath and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA. 

Departmental roles

  • Deputy Chair, Board of Studies



I work on the differential geometry of surfaces, mostly with harmonic maps and minimal surfaces, using structures on vector bundles over surfaces.

Research group(s)

Geometry and Analysis Research Group

Available PhD research projects

While I have worked extensively with integrable systems methods in the past, my main current interest in understanding families of minimal surfaces in hyperbolic spaces, and the application of minimal surface theory to the problem of parametrising "good" representations of a surface group (fundamental group of a surface) into a non-compact simple Lie group. This involves studying minimal surfaces of genus at least 2 and their Higgs bundles.


Current Research Students

Cordelia Webb -



  • Riemannian Geometry

Contact details

Dr Ian McIntosh
Room G/N/152

Tel: +44 1904 32 3094