You can apply for accommodation online. We'll guide you through the process.

When to apply

If you require accommodation for 2019/20, you can still apply, however, you are now outside of our accommodation guarantee. We will assist you where possible but also suggest looking at options in the private sector.

We will announce when applications for 2020/21 accommodation open nearer the time.

How to apply

  • Login at using your You@York login details

  • Click ‘create application’ for the next academic year

  • On the first page check that all of your personal details are correct

  • You’ll then need to select your application type: Single, couple or family

Remember not to use your school or college email address as your contact email, as you may miss out on important communications after A level results day if you lose access to this.

List your top seven accommodation options in order of preference by clicking the rooms banner icon. Each preference will specify a college, room type, let length, catering and bathroom information.

  • You can use the dropdowns and slider in the right-hand column to filter your search
  • You can rearrange the order of your preferences by dragging and dropping them in the right-hand column

If you're a Nursing or Midwifery student, catered accommodation won't be included in your options.

You can log back in and change your preferences up until the guarantee deadline. Don't worry, we'll use your original application date when we allocate.

Let us know if you're interested in a viewing room or twin room. You can find out more about these on our 'things to consider' page.

Next, you can tell us if you’ll be receiving up to or near the maximum maintenance loan and want to request that your £200 advance payment be deferred.

Finally, you’ll  be asked if you have any additional requirements for health, welfare or mobility reasons. Please don't wait until you have received a room offer to let us know about these as we may not be able to find you a suitable room at that stage.

The last thing you’ll need to do is let us know who we can share your data with. This will include who we are able to talk to about your accommodation and room offer (including family members or carers) and the third party accommodation providers we can share your application data with if we need to.

Once you’re happy with you consent options you’ll be asked to review all of your options and choices before you submit your application. Remember, you can log back in and edit your application at any time.

If you would like to change your consent options, or allow us to speak to someone other than yourself about your accommodation once you have moved in, please let us know at


Apply for accommodation

Edit your application

Top tips:

  • Apply early. Even if you change your preferences later we’ll use the date of your original application when allocating.
  • Apply even if we’re your insurance (second) choice. You’re not committed until you accept a room offer from us.
  • Choose a variety of room types you think you’ll be happy with.

What happens next

Confirmation of your application

Once you’ve applied, we'll send you a confirmation email. If you mentioned any additional requirements, we'll contact you at the conditional offer stage to discuss them.

Receiving and accepting your room offer

  • Room offers will be sent out in the middle of August, on UK A level results day and onwards
  • Room numbers will be sent out in September

Make sure you have internet access as you'll need to accept your offer by the date stated in your room offer email.

By accepting your room offer, you'll be agreeing to the student terms and conditions‌make sure you read them carefully.

Once you've accepted, you’ll need to pay a £200 advance payment.

Please contact us at before you reject your offer. If you reject your offer, or don’t accept in time, you’ll be outside our guarantee. We’ll still try to assist you, but will help those still covered first. Consider swapping or transferring your room instead.

How we allocate rooms

If you're a first year undergraduate and York is your firm choice you'll receive priority over insurance choice applicants. We take the date (but not time) of applications into consideration. 

80% of students received an offer for one of their top three preferences in September 2018.

Not everyone will receive one of their top three accommodation preferences given the variety of our rooms and that some room types are oversubscribed.

 Paying for your accommodation 


Your rent is split over three termly instalments. You’ll also need to pay a £200 advance payment to secure your booking, which will become your damage deposit at the start of your booking.*

*If you're expecting to receive the maximum maintenance loan, you may be able to defer your £200 advance payment. You can request this in your application or by emailing us. If approved, you'll pay the £200 with your first terms rent instead. This £200 will be your damage deposit. 

Cancellations and non-arrivals


These policies only apply to new students who do not arrive in York to start their course. You are not eligible to end your agreement if you are a registered student at the University.

If you inform us you wish to cancel:

  • More than three weeks before the start of your booking: we'll keep your £200 advance payment or charge you £200 if you have not paid it yet.

  • Less than three weeks before the start of your booking: we'll keep your £200 advance payment, and you'll be charged four weeks’ rent.

  • After the start date of your room booking: You should let us know by following the request to vacate procedure. You will normally be charged the equivalent of eight weeks rent as a notice period, and a £200 cancellation fee.

To cancel your booking, please email We'll confirm whether you're eligible, and inform you of any additional charges.