You can apply for accommodation online. We'll guide you through the process.

Key dates for 2018

  • Wednesday 9 May: Application system opens
  • Tuesday 31 July: Accommodation guarantee deadline
  • Thursday 16 August: Room offers start to go out
  • September: Room numbers start to go out
  • 21-23 September: Arrivals weekend (check your room offer for your arrival date)

When to apply

If you're joining us in September 2018 as a new undergraduate student, you'll be able to apply from Wednesday 9 May 2018.

You should apply once you've accepted York as your firm (first choice) or insurance (second choice), even if you have a conditional offer. You don't need to wait for your exam results.

We use the date (but not time) of your application when we allocate, and we expect the majority of applications to be made within the first week of the system being open. Find out more about how we allocate rooms.


Edit your application

How to apply

You can log in to our online application system using your University of York username and password. These are the details you use to log in to You@York.

1. Your details

Check the details that we have for you, and select your application type (single, couple or family).

2. Your room and college preferences

List in order of preference our accommodation room types and colleges. Each preference will specify a college, room type, whether the room is self-catered/catered, whether the room has an ensuite, and a let length. Here is an example preference:

Undergraduate accommodation preferences example.

You'll be asked to select a minimum of nine preferences. If room type is more important to you, you could put similar room types in different colleges at the top of your list. Or if you really want to be in a particular college but you don’t mind what room you’re in, you could select all the room types in that college and put those at the top instead. You can also select different let lengths for the same room. It's up to you!

If you're a Nursing or Midwifery student, you'll see a smaller selection of rooms and be asked to select fewer preferences as we set aside particular blocks/flats for students doing shift work.

3. Your additional requests and requirements

We'll ask you if you're interested in a twin room and if you'd like to live in a Living Learning Community. You can find out more about these and other options on our 'things to consider' page.

You'll also be asked if you have any additional requirements for health, welfare or mobility reasons. Please don't wait until you have received a room offer to let us know about your additional requirements as we may not be able to find you a suitable room at that stage.

Next steps

  1. We'll send you an email to confirm your application.
  2. If you told us about any additional requirements, we'll contact you at conditional offer stage to discuss your requirements.
  3. You can log back in and change your preferences or upload extra documents until 31 July without this affecting your priority (we'll still use your original application date when we allocate).

Your room offer

We'll start sending out room offers from A level results day (Thursday 16 August 2018). Your offer will be sent to your personal email address. We send out room numbers during September.

Make sure you have access to the internet during this time as you'll need to accept your offer by the date displayed online with your offer details.

By accepting your room offer, you'll be agreeing to the terms and conditions:

How we allocate rooms

  • If you selected York as your firm (first) choice you'll receive priority over insurance (second) choice applicants and have a higher probability of receiving one of your preferences.
  • We'll take the date (but not time) of applications into consideration, so it's worth submitting an application early even if you might want to change your preferences later.
  • If you're a Clearing or Adjustment student, we'll try to help you with accommodation if it's still available.

Not everyone will receive one of their accommodation preferences given the variety of our rooms and that some room types are oversubscribed.

Whichever room type and college you are allocated to, we’re sure that you'll enjoy being a member of our collegiate community. We do operate a transfer system after the term has begun although we receive a relatively small number of requests to transfer because students settle very quickly into their college.

Paying for your accommodation

Once you have accepted your room, you'll also need to make an online payment, consisting of the following:

  • a £120 booking fee which will become your deposit at the start of your booking. The deposit will be refunded at the end of your tenancy unless you cancel your room or have any outstanding clearing, cleaning, damage or rent charges
  • an £180 advance payment which you can deduct from your first rent instalment

Your rent will be split over three instalments (one per term), which will be displayed with your room offer.

Pay for your accommodation

Students on a low household income

If you're a student from a low household income and expecting to receive the maximum maintenance loan, you may be exempt from the advanced accommodation payment. 

You'll be able to request this during the application process. If approved (based on the provision of the required evidence), you will not have to pay the £300 advanced payment when accepting your accommodation in August. You'll still have to pay the £120 refundable deposit with your first term's rent however. 

Cancellation and non-arrivals 2018/19

These cancellation policies only apply to new students who do not arrive in York to start their course. You are not eligible to end your agreement if you are a registered student at the University.

If you inform us you wish to cancel

  • More than three weeks before the start date of your room booking
    We'll refund your £180 advance payment but keep your £120 booking fee
  • Less than three weeks before the start date of your room booking
    We'll keep your £120 booking fee, and you'll be charged four weeks rent. Your £180 advance payment will be retained as part payment for the rent charge.
  • After the start date of your room booking
    You should let us know by following the request to vacate procedure.

To cancel your booking, please email us at We will confirm whether you are eligible, and tell you how to request a refund or inform you of any additional charges.