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Leave or change your room

If you'd like to leave or change your room, here's what you need to do.

Your responsibility

If you're leaving your room or moving to a different one, it's your responsibility to leave it in the same condition it was in when you arrived. See our moving out information to help you remember what needs doing.

Moving out of your room

Your options

Request to vacate your room

Transfer to a different room

Swap rooms with another student

Unfortunately, this year room swaps are incredibly difficult to manage and increasingly unlikely given the issues associated with Covid-19. 

If you are wanting to move from your room due to concerns within your accommodation or emergency issues please contact your College Administrator. 


Under the Terms and Conditions of Residence, you may terminate your accommodation agreement if you withdraw, take a Leave of Absence (LOA) You'll need to get approval from the University before you can terminate your residence contract.

Cancellation fee and notice period

All bookings ended early are subject to an eight week notice period as shown in your residence agreement.

How to request to vacate

If you're considering withdrawing from your course, or going on Leave of Absence (LOA)

  1. You'll need to inform the University that you're planning to withdraw or take a leave of absence and give the necessary documentation for the University to change your student status.
  2. Submit a Request to vacate form, giving the appropriate notice period as shown in your residence agreement (usually eight weeks).
If you don't inform us that you are withdrawing or going on LOA, you'll be charged up to the date your student status changes to withdrawal or LOA plus eight weeks, or to the date you vacate and return your keys.

Sub-letting: It's not allowed!

You're not allowed, under any circumstances, to privately sub-let University owned accommodation. Under the Student Terms and Conditions of Residence, you agree that you're the only person who can live in the room. If you allow another student to live in your room, you'll be in breach of your agreement and will also remain responsible for payment of the accommodation fees and any damage to the room.