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Your responsibility

If you're leaving your room or moving to a different one, it's your responsibility to leave it in the same condition it was in when you arrived.

See our 
moving out information to help you remember what needs doing.

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Find a new place to live or a replacement tenant using our accommodation adverts services.

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Accommodation adverts terms and conditions

University accommodation

Please note that the University terms and conditions of residence strictly forbid sub-letting by students. If you wish to vacate your room by nominating a replacement tenant, please see the Request to Vacate dropdown.

Private Sector accommodation

Private sector accommodation adverts

The University does not accept liability for any of the properties advertised by students through this service.  It is the responsibility of the resident student to keep their housemates informed and to ensure that their landlord agrees to a change of tenant. Students looking for accommodation may also wish read our private sector page.

This advertising system is for students only.

Your options

If you're not entirely happy with your room, you may be able to move to a different one by requesting a room transfer or swap. You can use our accommodation adverts page to look for students advertising a room.

If you wish to terminate your agreement because you're withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from your course, you'll need to request to vacate. Find out about each below.

I want to swap my room with another student


If you would like to swap rooms, you'll need to find another resident who is the same student type as yourself and is happy to take over your room type.

How to swap rooms?

  • Find a student to swap with. As we cannot make changes to room types, make sure they’re happy with your room type and let length. Use our accommodation adverts to help search. 
  • When you’ve found someone, you'll both need to complete our Request to Swap form. You need to reference the person you want swap with, their name and student ID. 
  • You need to give us at least one week's notice before swapping rooms. We'll check both forms and be in touch to confirm the swap.

Please note: If you're already living on campus, you'll need to complete a Room Inventory for your new room which will be sent to you via email. This will let us know if anything is wrong with the room and prevent us charging you for damage you didn't cause.

I want to transfer to a different room

You can put in an application under the Request to Transfer process from the beginning of Week Three of Term One.

We'll only be able to transfer you if rooms become vacant due to other  students choosing not to attend or leaving the University within the first few weeks.   

Please note: Due to limited availability, if we're able to offer you a transfer, we may not be able to meet all of your preferences.

What's the process?

  • Ask your College Administrator for a Request to Transfer form. They will discuss with you your reasons for moving, in order to prioritise requests and explore whether they can help with any problems you may have.

  • If your college is unable to offer you a suitable room, or you wish to move to a different college, they will sign and send your Request to Transfer form to Accommodation Services.

  • If your Request to Transfer application is due to a maintenance issue in your current room, please make sure that you report the problem through the Helpdesk so we can attempt to it.

  • Your form will be logged and you will be updated on the outcome of your request.

Please note: Students with health or welfare reasons or those with a serious maintenance issue will be given priority.

If you are requesting a transfer due to health or welfare reasons, documentary evidence will need to be provided to Accommodation Services.

Will there be a charge?

You will be responsible for paying for the cost of your new room until the end of the let.  This may be a longer let length or a higher price than your original room. Please make sure you know the full cost and end date of the new room before you accept the room transfer.

Can I transfer from a longer let length to a shorter let length?

  • Students with a 50-week booking can only transfer to another 50 week let length.

  • Students in a 40 or 44-week let length can move to a different let length.

I want to leave my room


Under the Terms and Conditions of Residence, you may terminate your accommodation agreement if you withdraw, take a Leave of Absence (LOA) or go on a postgraduate research placement away from York as part of your course. You'll need to get approval from the University before you can terminate your residence contract.

PGCE students

As part of your course, you'll have school placements, some of which may involve travelling some distance from the University. You're not eligible to request to end your residence agreement early because of your placement. Clause 34.3.2 of the residence agreement does not apply to students who have local placements as part of their course.  

Cancellation fee and notice period

All bookings ended early are subject to an eight week notice period as shown in your residence agreement.

How to request to vacate?

If you're considering withdrawing from your course, or going on Leave of Absence (LOA)

  1. You'll need to inform the University that you're planning to withdraw or take a leave of absence and give the necessary documentation for the University to change your student status.

  2. Submit a Request to vacate form, giving the appropriate notice period as shown in your residence agreement (usually eight weeks).

If you don't inform us that you are withdrawing or going on LOA, you'll be charged up to the date your student status changes to withdrawal or LOA plus eight weeks, or to the date you vacate and return your keys.

If you're going away on placement

  1. Submit a Request to vacate form (Placements), giving us the appropriate notice as shown in your residence agreement (usually eight weeks).

  2. Send an email to with evidence of your placement which includes your location, start date and length, with the subject header: RTV PLACEMENT EVIDENCE. This could be an email or letter from your placement host or your department.

Terminating because you were under 18 years old when you accepted the agreement

You may also terminate the residence agreement if you were under the age of 18 when you accepted it. Please see clause 34.4 of the Student Terms and Conditions of Residence ‎for further details.

Requesting to vacate with a replacement tenant

If you wish to be released from your accommodation contract but are not withdrawing from the University, taking a Leave of Absence (LOA) or going on a postgraduate research placement you can advertise your room using our Accommodation Adverts to assist you in finding a suitable replacement tenant.

Once you've found a replacement tenant you should complete the following form: Request to vacate with a replacement tenant


It's not allowed!

You're not allowed, under any circumstances, to privately sub-let University owned accommodation. Under the Student Terms and Conditions of Residence, you agree that you're the only person who can live in the room. If you allow another student to live in your room, you'll be in breach of your agreement and will also remain responsible for payment of the accommodation fees and any damage to the room.