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Moving out of your room

Leaving us? We're sad to you see go. Here's what you need to do before you depart.

Check your departure date

By logging in at

Clean your room

And your communal areas

Get rid of unwanted items

Recycling or donating where possible

Sign out your keys

At your college reception

Cleaning and inspections

It’s your responsibility to leave your accommodation in the same clean and tidy condition it was in when you arrived. 

  • You're responsible for cleaning your room
  • This includes your ensuite (if you have one)
  • You'll need to get together with your housemates to clean and clear your kitchen

Moving out checklist

To avoid being charged, make sure to complete all of the tasks on our moving out checklist. 

3 - 4 weeks before

  1. Check your departure date at
  2. Speak to your department if you're planning to leave before the end of week 10
  3. Change your address and consider redirecting your mail at
  4. Put your name and planned departure date on the post in your kitchen
  5. Put unwanted donatable items in your college's British Heart Foundation bank
  6. Find out when your college will be collecting other items by asking your local reception
  7. Leaving your bike over summer ? Apply for a storage tag at
  8. Need summer accommodation? Book it at

2 - 3 days before 

Clean your bedroom

  • Remove items and adhesives from your notice board and clean marks from your walls
  • Dust and wipe down your surfaces (including skirting boards) and empty your bin.
  • Clean your sink, taps and mirror and make sure that they are streak free.
  • Clean the inside of your window and make sure the glass is streak-free.
  • Empty and wipe your desk, shelves, drawers, wardrobe and other storage.
  • Vacuum your carpet and leave it stain-free.
  • Empty your bin.

Clean your ensuite (if you have one)

  • Clean your walls, toilet and shower/bath. Wipe down your door and sink light.
  • Sweep and wet clean/mop your ensuite floor. Empty your bathroom bin.
  • Clean your sink, mirror and taps and make sure they are streak-free.

Clean you communal areas with your housemates

  • Empty cupboards, surfaces and your fridge-freezer
  • Clean the floor, cupboards, surfaces, fridge-freezer shelves, oven and microwave.
  • Empty the recycling and waste bins into the external bins.

On the day

  • Close your window, turn off your light and lock your door
  • Put any final rubbish/recycling in the external bins.
  • Check your mailroom/box.
  • Sign your keys back in with your college receptionist.

Room inspections

We'll let you know if you've accrued any standard charges after a room inspection, and notify you within 28 working days of the end of your contract. We’ll compare the condition of your room to the inventory you completed when you moved in, to make sure we don’t charge you for any previous damage.

What to do with your things

You can’t leave anything in your accommodation when you go, so we recommend that you start to clear out your unwanted items a few weeks before you’re due to leave.

Recycling and waste

During the departure period we’ll we provide extra recycling facilities to encourage a reduction in waste generated during departure.

  • Look out for your nearest red British Heart Foundation bins to donate your unwanted goods to charity. 
  • Place recyclable waste in the clear bin bags provided and in your nearest external recycling bin.
  • Leave any unwanted sharp utensils in your kitchen drawers. 

Summer storage

If you’re in 38, 40 or 44-week let room, your accommodation doesn’t include the summer vacation. 

With YUSU's summer storage, you can store your belongings until your next room or house is ready to move into.

Simply pay per box. Find out more at the YUSU reception or on the YUSU website.

Further accommodation

Summer accommodation

If you’re in a 38, 40 or 44-week let room, your accommodation doesn’t include the summer vacation. 

You may want to take advantage of our summer accommodation until your next room or house is ready to move into. You can also book on-campus accommodation for your graduation.


Accommodation for next year

If you haven’t organised accommodation for next year there are a few options to consider: