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Moving out of your room

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What you need to do

Your responsibilities

When you depart, it's your responsibility to leave your room in the same clean and tidy condition that it was in when you arrived. Find out what you need to do and what's on hand to help below.

Cleaning, inspections and charges

Cleaning and inspections

It’s your responsibility to make sure you leave your accommodation in the same clean and tidy condition it was in when you arrived. If we need to clean or remove rubbish from your accommodation, we'll deduct fees from your £200 deposit, based on our standard charges.

Kitchen charges are split equally between all kitchen users. 

Your deposit

You'll receive your room deposit back once your room has been inspected and deemed not to need any further work or repair. We’ll notify you of the outcome within 28 working days of the end of your contract. Find out more on our contracts payments and prices page.

How to avoid being charged

To avoid being charged, make sure you complete all the tasks on the Moving Out Checklist (PDF , 264kb) included in the moving out pack that we'll leave in your kitchen.

  • You're responsible for cleaning your room
  • This includes your ensuite (if you have one)
  • You'll need to get together with your housemates to clean and clear your kitchen

Even if you move out before your housemates, you may still be charged if your kitchen or corridor is left in an unsuitable condition when the last person leaves. It’s worth making a plan with your housemates before you all go.

We’ll compare the condition of your room when you move out with the inventory you completed when you moved in, to make sure we don’t charge you for damage caused by previous residents. Keeping your accommodation clean throughout the year will save a lot of effort when it comes to moving out. You can find some tips on our cleaning page.

What to do with your things

Recycling and waste

During the departure period we’ll we provide extra recycling facilities to encourage a reduction in waste generated during departure.

You can find information about what to recycle in the waste guide 
in your departure pack. 

Look out for signs for the Big Green Clean and the big red British Heart Foundation bins to donate your unwanted goods to charity or students joining us next year.

The Big Green Clean

YUSU’s Big Green Clean provides a new life to your unwanted items. 

Look out for the signed, central locations at your college where they’ll be collecting crockery, books, electrical items and non perishable, un-opened food around campus.

Big Green Clean locations

Alcuin Alcuin main reception 15/05/19 08/09/19
Constantine H block, house 1 15/05/19 08/09/19
Derwent Derwent reception 15/05/19 08/09/19
Goodricke GNU/014 15/05/19 08/09/19
Halifax JJs foyer 15/05/19 08/09/19
James James Lodge canopy 15/05/19 08/09/19
Langwith Langwith centre building 15/05/19 08/09/19

Fairfax House laundry room (FX/032) 15/05/19 08/09/19
Higginston House laundry room (VBA/W/004) 15/05/19 08/09/19
James Nucleus laundry room 15/05/19 08/09/19
The Warren ground floor toilet 15/05/19 08/09/19
Wentworth W/N/035F 30/08/19 08/09/19



Summer storage

If you’re in 38, 40 or 44-week let room, your accommodation doesn’t include the summer vacation. 

With YUSU's summer storage, you can store your belongings until your next room or house is ready to move into. Simply pay per box. Find out more at the YUSU reception.

Further accommodation

Summer accommodation

If you’re in a 38, 40 or 44-week let room, your accommodation doesn’t include the summer vacation. 

You may want to take advantage of our 
summer accommodation until your next room or house is ready to move into. You can also book on-campus accommodation for your graduation.

Accommodation for next year

If you haven’t organised accommodation for next year there are a few options to consider: