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Cycling and walking

It’s easy to get around campus by bike or foot. It's just a 15-minute bike ride or 30-minute walk from Campus West to the city centre.

There are several off-road cycle paths and on-road cycle lanes offering safe access into and around York. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon emissions, and keep fit and healthy too!

Travel safely
- We encourage you to cycle where possible and bring a bike to campus.
- We have over 5,000 cycle parking spaces and dedicated cycle routes.
- It's a short walk between Campus East and West.
- One way systems are in place on campus to help you get around safely.

Staff or student?

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by taking advantage of the University cycle pool and salary exchange schemes, or get £10 for completing cycle training.

Sustainable transport initivatives

Bike parking and cycle pumps

Bicycle parking is widely available across campus. Most staff and students will also have access to a secure bike shed near their college or department; you’ll need your University card to gain access it. There are several cycle pumps available across campus too.

  • Click the arrow icon at the top of the map to browse all cycling facilities.

Leaving your bike on campus over summer?

  1. Complete the cycle summer storage application form.
  2. Once approved, you'll receive an email to organise collecting an ‘aware tag’. 
  3. Attach the aware tag tag to your bike and secure it to a hoop in your designated cycle store.
  4. If you have any questions regarding your application please email

Abandoned bicycles

Bikes deemed to be abandoned will have a pink band put on the frame, asking the owner to remove the bicycle; if it isn't moved within 28 days the bike will be taken away. The University cannot be held liable for damage to locks.

All bikes are tagged before the end of summer term. If you're using your bike, simply remove the tag. Any bicycle booked into storage for the summer will not be removed. 

Contact for more information or to report an abandoned bike.

How do you deem a bike to be abandoned?

Abandoned bikes are bikes that are in a poor state of repair. They may look old, have broken parts or have been in the same location for a prolonged period of time. 

What we do with abandoned bicycles

All bikes deemed abandoned are sent to Fulford Cycles to be refurbished and re-sold at a reduced price at the Bike Doctor events on campus. Bikes are kept by Fulford Cycles for 14 days before any work is done to recycle them.

Protecting you and your bike

At night, or in poor light, it's a legal requirement that you have working front (white) and rear (red) lights. Cyclists can be fined £50 for not using lights or for cycling on the pavement.

Always take steps to protect your bike. If your bike is stolen, contact the police on 101 or via their loss reporting website.

  • Use two different types of secure-rated locks.
  • Lock both the wheels and the frame.
  • Lock the frame to a solid object such as a bike stand.
  • Remove all your bike accessories every time you leave it.
  • Make a note of your serial number.

Save money on cycling equipment

You can purchase bike locks (£10), helmets (£10), lights (£6-10) and bells (£2.50) at a discounted price from the University mailroom and YUSU Student Centre or by emailing

The Bike Doctor

Bring along your bike or buy a recycled one from the monthly Bike Doctor between 10am and 4pm. You’ll be able to get a free basic service and pay for additional parts or repairs at a discounted price. You can also register your bike with York's 'Operation Spoke' to give your bike a small, unique marking. If it’s ever stolen, it can be identified on a database and returned to you if recovered,

Upcoming bike doctor events