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Public transport

With free bus travel across campus and great links to the city, it’s easy - and sustainable - to use public transport to travel around campus, but please remember to walk or cycle where you can.

First Bus - Summer service changes
From Sunday 24 June, University of York First Bus services will be moving to a summer timetable until the new academic year. To see a full list of these changes, the summer route map and the new timetables, head over to the First York website or download the First App.

Travel tips

  • Download the First Bus App to live track your bus, buy and store tickets, plus more
  • View the University of York Public Transport Guide (PDF , 8,061kb) for useful information and a ticketing guide
  • First Buses have free Wifi and accept contactless payment
  • Travelling further afield? Check out TransDev
  • Have a question about First Bus travel? Visit First Bus - Help and support, or use the Live Chat function on the app.
  • Did you know that buses across York charge only a £1 single fare for young people up to the day before your 19th birthday? This offer is available until December 2024.

Top tips for bus travel

Things to know:

  • You can plan your route before you travel using the First Bus App
  • You can search for a specific bus route within the app
  • You can also use the app to find your nearest stop
  • You can pay for your bus ticket via the app or on the bus
  • There are screens and audio announcements on the bus telling you where the next stop will be

Don't forget to:

  • Say hello to the driver and as a courtesy, tell them where you're going
  • Reserve seats at the front of the bus for those who need them more than you
  • Be considerate of others, e.g. don't play music out loud
  • Press the stop button to tell the driver you want to get off at the next stop
Watch on YouTube

Bea explains how the buses work on campus and towards the city centre.

First Bus - University of York routes

There are a number of First Bus services that stop at the University East and West campuses. The C1 and C2 are inter-campus shuttle services that are free to travel between campuses, and the 66 and 67 also incorporate a free zone area between Campus East and West where staff and students can travel for free. 

Other regular services that require payment and stop at the University are routes: 6 and CB1. 

Learn more about University of York bus routes:

First Bus - All York bus routes

First Bus provide a number of other public routes throughout York, these include Services 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5a, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10a, 11 and 59.

Some of these routes also take you within a short walk of the university.

Learn more about First Bus' York routes: 

Free buses across campus

Both C1 and C2 are free services that shuttle between campuses.

C1 - York Sport Village Circular, via Heslington Lane
A term time only service, spanning York Sport Village on Campus East across to Heslington Hall, the Library or Newton Way on Campus West. 

C2 - York Sports Village Circular, via Wentworth Way
A year round service, spanning York Sport Village on Campus East, Heslington Hall then as far as the stops go on University Road towards Wentworth Way.

Routes 66 and 67

These are regular services that will require payment on specific areas of the route*. You can do this using cash, a contactless card or by purchasing your tickets through the First Bus App. The 66 and 67 incorporate a free zone area between Campus East and West, where staff and students can travel for free. 

*Those with an ENCTS card can continue to use the 66 or 67 free of charge during the hours of 9am and 11pm, including between campuses and onwards through to the York train station. 

66 - From York train station to the University

Running up to every 20 minutes throughout the day, and late into the evening, the service takes you from York Train Station to Heslington Hall and onto Campus East, via Field Lane. 

67- From Merchantgate to York Sport Village

Running up to every 30 minutes throughout the day, the service takes you from York Train Station to Heslington Hall, and onto Campus East via Field Lane and continues on to York Sport Village.

Campus Zone - Between Campuses East and West

The campus zone is a section of the 66 and 67 bus route that is free to use for University of York students and staff. Campus zone is specifically the area between campuses east and west, spanning campus from the Sports Village on campus east, across to campus west and on to the bus stop at The Retreat (Heslington Lane) and Green Dykes Lane.

If you wish to travel free of charge on the 66 or 67 you must get on and off the bus at stops between the Sport Village on east, and The Retreat or Green Dykes Lane.

When you get on the bus you will be required to ‘tap on’ on the dedicated reader and then subsequently ‘tap off’ when leaving the bus, for every journey. This can be done using a contactless card or mobile phone. 

Watch the First York 'Tap on, tap off' video for further guidance.

  • No, the ‘Tap on Tap off’ function is there to help monitor passenger numbers to improve efficiency, avoid overcrowding and to charge the correct fee when a passenger travels further than the Campus Zone area. 

  • It is very important that you remember to ‘tap off’ when disembarking the bus. The system will think you are continuing to travel and will charge you for the entire journey.

Save money on travel

First Bus discounts
Buy a weekly, monthly or annual pass for discounted travel on First York buses. Find out more information on the First Bus website: Student Bus Travel and Staff Bus Travel

All day, week or month ticket
All York provide day, week or month tickets to travel on any York bus service at a low price.

East Yorkshire buses
There is a 20% discount available to staff only on East Yorkshire buses - just show your staff ID card.

Travelling by train and bus? Plusbus is an add-on to your train ticket which allows you to make bus trips at the start or end of your train journey. A great way to reduce the cost of your overall journey. 

Interest-free travel loans
University of York Staff can apply for interest-free bus and rail loans.

Student Rail Card Pass
Available from Rail Card, this pass offers a 1/3rd off all train travel. 

For a full list of ticketing options across York, head to iTravelYork

Trains and taxis

There is a frequent, fast train service to York on the East Coast Main Line from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh. There is also a direct service between York, Leeds and Manchester Airport.

The University is a short bus or taxi ride direct from the railway station. There is a bus stop and taxi rank just outside the main station entrance. A taxi from the railway station will take approximately 15 minutes and costs around £12 one-way, while a bus will take around 22 minutes. Uber are not licensed within the city of York.


A sustainable transport banner image

Sustainable transport

Cycling, walking and reducing car use where possible can have both positive health and environmental benefits. The University has a variety of initiatives on offer to help you keep active and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable transport initiatives