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Contracts and payments

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Your contract, rent and payments

Making a payment

Confused about what to pay, how to pay, or when? You can find out everything you need to know on our accommodation payments page.

Accommodation payments

Your contract

Our terms and conditions list your rights and responsibilities. Make sure you read them in full.

Your rent

Your rent is split over three instalments. We recommend setting up a direct debit.

  • Instalment 1: 31 October 2020
  • Instalment 2: 31 January 2021
  • Instalment 3: 30 April 2021

Your advance payment (2020/21)

Once you've accepted your room, you need to pay a £200 advance payment on e:Vision .

This will be deducted from your first term's rent in October.

Accommodation rent prices

Find information about how accommodation prices are set by the University on our Accommodation rent prices web page

Deposits and charges

Returning your deposit (2019/20)

Please note: This information only applies to bookings made for 2019/20

You'll receive your £200 deposit back once your room has been inspected and deemed not to need any further work.

  • We’ll notify you of the outcome within 28 working days of your contract end.
  • The outcome will be sent to the email listed on your e:Vision. Make sure it’s up to date.
  • You'll be asked to supply your bank details for the deposit refund using a secure online form.
  • When we have your details, we'll aim to process your re-payment within 28 working days. International payments may take longer.
  • If you have outstanding charges left to pay, we'll use your deposit towards them.

For more complex charges we may need to wait for confirmation of the price.  We’ll email you to let you know. In these cases repayments may be processed after 28 working days.

If you have not done so already, you'll need to let us know your bank details using our secure online system. We cannot return your deposit until you have done this. If you are unable to access the online bank details form please email our Finance team for a manual payment form at"

Appealing a deposit deduction (2019/20)

If you believe a deduction from your deposit is unfair, you can request that this decision is reviewed.   

Please note: If the deduction is because of an outstanding debt to the University, you cannot request a review under this procedure.

Stage one

You have seven days from receiving our email outlining any deposit charge(s) to accept or dispute them using our online form.

We’ll review this information and inform you in writing whether the deduction(s) still apply. We aim to do so within 14 working days.

Stage two

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of stage one, you can request a review by Accommodation Management by responding to our email within seven days.

We aim to reply with a stage two review within 14 working days, although this may take up to 28 working days.

Stage three

If you disagree with Accommodation Management’s response, you can request that your complaint is referred to a Complaints Panel, by responding to our email within seven days with your reasons why.

The panel will independently review your complaint and consider whether the decision made by Accommodation Services is fair and reasonable.

Please be aware it may take some time to arrange for all panel members to meet. The outcome of this may also take time to be reported back to you.

Additional charges

If you request a review and your total amount of charges are greater than the deposit held, we will ask the Fees Office to put a hold on sending you payment reminders until the review is concluded.  

Standard charges (2019/20)

Charges for cleaning 2019/20

The following charges will apply if there have been insufficient attempts by residents to keep communal areas tidy.

All charges include a standard administration charge and VAT where applicable. All charges are indicative and may be higher if additional costs are incurred. Failing to pay these charges within the stated time will incur an administration fee.

Kitchen Not left in suitable condition for weekly clean £12.50 per kitchen user
Kitchen In-year remedial clean needed Up to £275
Kitchen Additional cleaning needed after moving out Up to £275
Kitchen Appliances needed to be cleaned after moving out Up to £65 per appliance
Bedroom Remedial cleaning needed after moving out Up to £125
Entrance/corridor Remedial cleaning needed after moving out Up to £150

Charges for loss/damage for 2019/20

Repairable damage will be charged at the cost of repair. Other furniture and fittings will be charged at the replacement cost. All charges are indicative and may be higher if additional costs are incurred. Any labour costs will be in addition to the prices below. This list is not inclusive of VAT.

Patch painting, per square metre £18.50 
 Repainting 1 wall Individual quote 
Repainting up to 2 walls - blu tack / stain blocker Individual quote 
Replace 1 carpet tile (additional tiles up to 5 £15 extra per tile) £40 
Mattress single £75 
Mattress 3/4 Individual quote 
Mattress protector £20 
Curtains Individual quote 
Waste paper bin £15 
Kitchen waste bin  £20 
Study chair  £100 
Desk lamp  £25 
Bedroom desk  Individual quote 
Kitchen chair  £65 
Key/keycard (each)  £10 
Lock change  Individual quote 
Carpet (bedroom)  £40 
Carpet (all other areas)  £40 
Data/telephone socket  £50 
Dining table  £200 
Fridge  £350 
Freezer  £350 
Fridge freezer  £350 
Microwave  £80 
Kettle  £25 
Iron  £25 
Ironing board  £30 
Vacuum cleaner  £125 
Mop  £10
Bucket  £10 
Dust pan  £10 
Brush  £10 
Fire extinguisher (discharged or tampered with for reasons other than fire fighting)  Individual quote 
Kitchen flooring  Individual quote 
Sofa  Individual quote 
Television  Individual quote 
TV remote control  Individual quote 
Missing window restrictor  Individual quote 
Electric oven  Individual quote 
Four ring ceramic hob  Individual quote 
Cooker hood  Individual quote 
Noticeboard  Individual quote 
Four slice toaster  Individual quote 
HDMI connection box Individual quote


Your bursary letter can be found on e:Vision under correspondence. You'll also receive an email from Student Financial Support. The accommodation bursary is paid automatically towards your rent on the payment dates.

See the student finance pages on bursaries and scholarships. If you have any questions about your bursary you can email Student Finance Support or call them on +44 (0) 1904 324145.

Disability funding

You may be able to receive funding towards your campus accommodation costs from the University if you meet all of  the following criteria:

How to apply for disability funding

  • Applications for 2020/21 will be open from 1 October 2020 until 31 March 2021
  • Applications for 2019-20 are now open and will remain open until 31 March 2020.

New Students (2019/20)

You can apply for partial funding as soon as you’re living in campus accommodation and the application window is open.

  1. Fill in your details on the Accommodation funding application form (PDF , 957kb)‌ and ask your medical practitioner to complete the rest

  2. Upload the completed document and send to by 13 March 2020

  3. We'll let you know the outcome of your application within 15 working days

Please note: if you intend to apply to live on campus for more than your first year, don’t forget to fill out the form’s consent box, so that we can use your information for future bookings.

New Students (2020/21)

If you were approved for additional requirements when you applied for accommodation, you will have submitted a Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 92kb). This form contains the necessary information for us to make a decision on your application.

Please email asking for your evidence form to be reviewed for a partial funding application. We will email you with an outcome of your application within 15 working days.

If you applied to the University through confirmation and clearing or as a new postgraduate student and did not submit the medical evidence form, please ask your medical practitioner (such as a GP or specialist) to complete this Accommodation funding application form (PDF , 957kb). Once completed, please email the form to

Continuing students

If you have submitted a successful application for partial funding in a previous year, you can email us on and ask us to review your past application for the new academic year. 

If the status of your condition can vary, we may ask you to provide us with up to date information from your medical practitioner

If you started your course before the 2016/17 academic year and have received a Disabled Student's Allowance  (DSA) towards your accommodation costs, you can continue to claim this funding from DSA.

How you will receive your funding

If your application is approved we’ll adjust your room price from the price of the room that you were offered, to the price of shared bathroom accommodation within the same price band.

For example: if we offered you a premium ensuite room, you would only have to pay the rent of a premium shared bathroom.

You won’t receive a direct monetary payment, instead we’ll apply a credit to your accommodation account for the term after your application was approved and adjust your room price for future charges.

For example: If we offered you a band 3 ensuite room for £20.71 per night*, we’d only charge you for a band 3 shared bathroom (£18.72 per night*). We would adjust your rent payments by £1.99 per night difference for the duration of your contract.

*prices given using 2018/19 figure for example only