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Postgraduate accommodation

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The majority of our postgraduate accommodation is in Wentworth, our postgraduate-only college. Postgraduates can choose between self-catered single rooms and studio flats, conveniently located on our compact campus and close to university facilities.

2024/25 applications

Accommodation applications for postgraduate students expecting to join us in 2024/25 are now open. You're guaranteed an offer of a room if you meet certain criteria.

For details on how to apply, visit our web page 'How to apply for postgraduate accommodation'.

Apply for postgraduate accommodation 2024/25

All on-campus accommodation comes with

Bills included in the price of your rent

No additional costs to worry about

Contents insurance and 24 hour security

To give you peace of mind

An ensuite or shared bathroom

And a private washbasin

Wifi and 100mb wired internet

So that you can browse uninterrupted

Access to a shared kitchen

To cook your meals and hang out with flatmates

Access to a college common room

For some some extra communal space

You'll want to consider...


Our on-campus accommodation is close to University buildings and facilities. With just a short walk to the library, cafes, study and social spaces, you'll have university life on your doorstep - helping you to make the most of your time here.

Most postgraduates who live on campus are located in Wentworth Graduate College and if you’re not, you’ll still be a member of whichever college you live in and housed with other postgraduates too. 

Postgraduate accommodation is also available through our partner accommodation provider, Student Castle which is only a short distance from campus and they offer contemporary, safe and comfortable accommodation. 

All postgraduates, wherever you live, will also have access to the postgraduate only common room in Wentworth Graduate College.

Bathroom type

In Shared bathroom accommodation, you'll have a wash basin in your room and share other bathroom facilities with your flat.

All shared bathrooms are individually lockable and cleaned Monday to Friday by our cleaning team. Toilet roll is provided for you.

In Ensuite bathroom accommodation, you'll have your own toilet, wash basin and shower in your room. 

You’ll be responsible for keeping your ensuite clean, but our cleaners will perform a deep clean, usually once a term. Toilet roll is not included, so you'll need to buy your own.

Price band

1 bedroom flat

One-bedroom self-contained flat.

Band 1

Our value option, you may share facilities such as your kitchen with a few more people than other price bands.

Band 2

Rooms are often in some of our original accommodation. You'll share facilities with a few more people than bands 3 and 4.

Band 3

Rooms are our most common room type. They are often newer or more recently refurbished than band 1 or 2 rooms and facilities are shared with fewer people.

Band 4

Often these rooms are a little bigger and can include additional furnishings, such as TVs and sofas.


These large rooms have an ensuite bathroom and self-contained kitchenette for personal use.

Compare prices 2024/25

On campus and off campus

The following rent prices are for the 2024/25 academic only and may change for your year of entry.

Room type Bathroom Catering Location Let length Per week Per year
Band 1 Shared Bathroom Self-catered Halifax College 51 weeks £99 £5,049
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Wentworth Graduate College 51 weeks £183 £9,333
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Halifax College 51 weeks £183 £9,333
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Alcuin College 51 weeks £183 £9,333
Band 3 Large Ensuite Self-catered Wentworth Graduate College 51 weeks £200 £10,200
Band 3 Large Ensuite Self-catered Halifax College 51 weeks £200 £10,200
Clifford Flat Ensuite Self-catered Student Castle 50 weeks £220 £11,000
Clifford Flat Deluxe Ensuite Self-catered Student Castle 50 weeks £223 £11,150
Studio Raven Ensuite Self-catered Student Castle 50 weeks £245 £12,225

Student Castle

Live off campus in a luxury flat or studio, offered by our nominated partner provider, Student Castle. You'll still be a member of Wentworth Graduate College so you can stay connected to postgraduate college life on campus. 

How many people will I be sharing with?

  • Clifford Flat ensuite: 4-5 students per flat/kitchen
  • Clifford Flat deluxe ensuite: 4-5 students per flat/kitchen
  • Studio Raven: A personal kitchenette and ensuite bathroom

Explore Student Castle

Family accommodation

We have properties on and off-campus to house families, and work with 54 North Homes to provide even more family accommodation.

Explore family accommodation

Private sector accommodation

We hope our accommodation will be your home away from home but if you would prefer to live in private sector accommodation, there are plenty of student flats and houses in easy walking distance of the University. Companies such as YourGuarantor can act as a rent guarantor for students living in the private sector.

Private sector housing