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Derwent College accommodation

Derwent is one of York’s oldest colleges, located on Campus West and home to two Students' Union-run bars/cafes, as well as a dining hall.

Our 1960s buildings feature a mix of room types in open corridor layouts which are great for socialising.

Campus West

£144 to £186 per week

Bands 2 and 3 room types

Ensuite and shared bathroom

Band 2/3 shared. Band 2 ensuite

Catered and self-catered

Band 2 catered. Band 3 self-catered

40- and 51-week lets

Undergraduate = 40-weeks, postgraduate = 51-weeks

Room types and prices

Band Bathroom Catering Let length Per week Per year
3 Shared Self-catered 40 weeks £144 £5,760
3 (large) Shared Self-catered 40 weeks £156 £6,240
2 Shared Catered 40 weeks £157 £6,280
2 Ensuite Catered 40 weeks £173 £6,920
2 (large) Shared Catered 40 weeks £186 £7,440

Band 2 shared bathroom, catered

Conveniently located near The Courtyard Bar and D Bar, with the green space of the Quiet Place on their doorstep, these blocks share bathroom facilities with other students in the same corridor. Most rooms also come with their own private washbasin. 

While most of these rooms are in corridor-style layouts, a few are in houses at Eden's Court, a short walk away on Main Street.

We have 249 rooms available.

  • 15-18 students per kitchen
  • 10 students per two showers and two toilets

Take a 360 tour of a Band 2 shared bathroom

Band 3 shared bathroom, self-catered

Most of these rooms are located in a courtyard, just over the road from the main college complex and a short walk from D Bar and Derwent reception. There are also a few houses at Eden's Court, a short walk away on Heslington Lane. Each house has its own kitchen and bathroom facilities, and each room has a private washbasin.

We have 211 rooms available.

  • 20 students per two kitchens, five baths and five toilets
  • 10 students per kitchen, two showers and two toilets (Eden's Court)

Take a 360 tour of a Band 3 shared bathroom

Band 2 ensuite, catered

There are only a small number of ensuite band 2 rooms in Derwent College, located centrally in the main part of the college.

Like other catered rooms in Derwent, meals are served Monday to Friday during term time, in the Derwent dining hall.

All of these rooms have an ensuite bathroom. Kitchens are shared by students living in the same corridors.

We have 58 rooms available.

  • 8-10 students per kitchen


Common room

A shared social space for members of your college

What's near

D Bar/cafe

2 minutes walk

Market square shops

5 minutes walk

Courtyard Bar/cafe

3 minutes walk

Spring Lane Building

4 minutes walk

The Library

6 minutes walk

York Sports Centre

10 minutes walk

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