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The Quiet Place

The quiet place, surrounded by landscaped gardens.

The Quiet Place is set aside as an area of stillness and quiet, which can be used for the purpose of reflection, meditation, prayer, reading and contemplative walking.

There are four elements to the Quiet Place: the outer lawn area and alcove seat, an enclosed garden area, a lower room, which is available for individual use, and an upper room which can be booked by groups or individuals.

Anyone using the Quiet Place or the surrounding area is asked to do so in a manner that respects the purpose for which it is designated and to refrain from activities that will disturb the peace of others or the symbolic stillness of the immediate environment.

Enclosed Garden and Lower Room

The gazebo and gate to the enclosed garden at the Quiet Place

The enclosed garden and lower room are available to be used by individual members of the University or visitors for silent reflection, meditation, prayer and reading. This area is normally available for use between dawn and dusk.

Upper Room

Steps lead to the upper room in the Quiet PLace

The Upper room is available to be booked by groups. It may be used for reflection, meditation, prayer, and reading which are conducted quietly. Quiet talking and the use of quiet and appropriate music is permitted, provided it does not disturb other users of the Quiet Place.


Any comments or complaints regarding use of the Quiet Place should be made to Room Bookings: