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All of our launderette service points are managed by Circuit and provide you with flexible user payment options including the latest mobile app technology

You can check which payment options are available for your laundry here:

Circuit’s App Enabled Laundries

The Enhanced Circuit app provides a market leading user experience that is simple to use and provides the following features

  • Direct link to live chat
  • Direct link to the Circuit “How to” videos and FAQ’s
  • Simple “Report a Fault” form
  • Manage preferences – push notifications
  • New additional payment gateway
  • Unique ID Number for easier refund processing
  • Reset Password function
  • Ability to reset login details if the customer has forgotten them
  • Notification when the machine has finished a cycle
  • Step by step instructions on how to use the machines before making the final payment transaction

Circuit’s Card Based Laundries

You will need to purchase your card from your launderette, or one of the Nisa stores at Market Square or Kimberlow Hill.

Users simply acquire a laundry card then purchase laundry credit in the form of an on-line “top-up code” via the Circuit website 


Instructions on how to use machines are posted in each launderette and on the Circuit website. 

For more information on downloading and using the Enhanced Circuit app and laundry cards please click here:

What do I do if things go wrong?

What do I do if things go wrong?

If the washers or dryers fail to operate or you experience problems during use, please contact Circuit via:

  • Phone- Freephone provided in the launderettes 0800 0924068 or Landline: 01422 820040- 24 hours a day/7 days a week


  • Live Chat – Use the app or the website to chat with one of Circuit’s customer care team


Circuit also offer “report a fault” option on both our website and app, where you can report the issue at the click of a button.

The Circuit team have many years of experience and are fully trained to understand issues and assist with all laundry queries.

How much does it cost?

  • £10 = card + £8 credit
  • £20 = card + £18 credit
  • Wash = £3.20
  • Dry = £1.70

Top up my laundry card    Check machine availability

Your nearest launderette

Find launderettes on the campus map

Alcuin College

Between G and Q block

Anne Lister College

Anne Lister College Hub

Derwent College

  • B block
  • K block
  • Between E and H Block

Halifax College

Next to St Lawrence Court

Langwith College

Nucleus building, ground floor

Wentworth College (laundry card only)

Nucleus building, ground floor

Constantine College

The Forum, ground floor

Eden's Court (laundry card only)

Eden's Court B Block

Goodricke College

Nucleus building, ground floor

James College (laundry card only)

Near A block and N block

Vanbrugh College

  • C block
  • Higginson House 
  • Fairfax House, ground floor