Health, welfare and disability

Moving to a new home can be a daunting prospect – especially if you have a disability, health concerns or additional support requirements - but we're here to help.

For example, you may need:

  • an ensuite bathroom because of a mental or physical health condition (such as Crohn’s or IBS)
  • a catered or self-catered room to help you manage dietary needs or allergies  
  • an accessible room, grab rails and adjustable facilities if you use a wheelchair or have other health or mobility problems
  • a room close to your department, on a ground floor or near a lift to make it easier for you to get around
  • a room with a shorter fire escape route to help your evacuation
  • a particular location close to a college tutor, near your department or within a flat with a small number of students sharing facilities
  • a second room if you need a resident carer
  • other adjustments such as a fridge to store medication or a vibrating pillow connected to the fire alarm if you have a hearing impairment.

If any of these examples apply to you or there’s anything else you need, make sure you let us know by filling in the ‘Additional requirements’ page of our application system.

You will be asked to upload supporting evidence from your doctor or consultant to help us to offer you a suitable room.

Guidance notes for GPs (PDF  , 603kb)

You can log back in to add further information or extra documents if you don’t have them to hand when you first apply.

If we need any more information, we may contact you at conditional stage to discuss your requirements.

Help us to help you

Every year we’re contacted by students who have been offered a room which doesn’t meet their needs, but didn’t let us know when they made their application.

Although we’ll always try our best to help, it’s a lot easier for us to find suitable rooms before we start sending offers out, when we still have a wide range of options to allocate from.

We understand that it can sometimes feel difficult or embarrassing to talk about health concerns. Please remember that we’ve helped students with a wide range of physical and emotional needs, and we’ll do everything we can to offer you a suitable room. We will only discuss details of your additional requirements with staff that are actively involved in supporting your arrival and occupancy.

Even if the rooms you have chosen as your top preferences will meet your needs, eg if you need an ensuite room or a particular location, you should still fill in the additional requirements form in case they’re not available and we need to offer you another room.

Find out more about room types, costs, our accommodation guarantee and how to apply for accommodation:


You may be eligible to apply for funding of your accommodation costs. See more about disability funding and how to apply.


We provide free parking bays for disabled badge holders at our main car park and locations close to some key buildings.

If you don’t have a disabled badge but have medical or welfare issues which mean use of a car is essential then you can apply for a ‘Special Circumstances’ or University Disability permit. Please email for more information.