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Additional requirements

We want you to move into your new home with confidence. If you have a disability, health concerns or specific requirements don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We’re experienced in helping students with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions to find suitable accommodation.

It may feel difficult to discuss your health or welfare concerns, but if you give us the right information when you apply for accommodation we’ll be better equipped to find a room that suits you.

Even if you think the rooms you’ve applied for will meet your additional needs, you should still fill in the additional requirements section when you make your accommodation application.

What is an additional requirement?

A health, welfare or mobility requirement that requires you to have a room with a certain facility, or be in a certain location, for example:

  • A sight, hearing or mobility impairment
  • A diagnosed physical health condition or disability
  • A diagnosed mental health condition
  • A condition requiring you to have an in-house carer
  • A health condition that requires specially stored medication
  • A legitimate welfare or safety concern

Things that are not an additional requirement

  • Personal preferences for a room type or location which are not based on a health, welfare or mobility reason
  • Being a vegan or vegetarian, or any other dietary restrictions which are not medically required.
  • Personal financial circumstances

Requests we cannot accommodate:

  • Flats or blocks for one specific gender - all accommodation is mixed gender
  • Ensuite accommodation for religious or cultural reasons
  • Designated quiet accommodation
  • Specialist desk chairs (this is classified as study equipment and may be funded by Disabled Students’ Allowances)
  • Alcohol free accommodation

How we can help you

Here are some examples of the additional facilities we can offer - we can provide more detail when we know your specific requirements:

  • Permission to bring a fridge for medication requiring cool storage
  • A vibrating pillow connected to the fire alarm
  • A second room for a resident carer (funded by social services)
  • An accessible/wheelchair friendly room with adjustable facilities
  • Permission to bring an assistance dog*
  • A ground floor room or access to a lift
  • An ensuite room
  • A studio flat with self-contained cooking facilities and bathroom

Take a 360 tour of an accessible room in Alcuin College

Take a 360 tour of an accessible room in Halifax College

*Therapy or Emotional Support Animals are not considered in the UK to be assistance animals - assistance dogs are trained to perform specific tasks to help a disabled person and are usually qualified by one of the charitable organisations registered as members of Assistance Dogs UK. Unless a dog is registered with a charitable organisation affiliated to Assistance Dogs UK, we are unable to give permission for a dog to be brought into campus accommodation.

Applying for accommodation

You should let us know about additional requirements when making your accommodation application and submit a Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 92kb).


  • Begin your accommodation application as normal until you reach the ‘ additional requirements ’ section.
  • Tick ‘yes’ to the question that asks whether you need a specific bedroom type or location due to health, mobility or welfare requirements.
  • Upload your completed Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 92kb) using the option provided and click the ‘upload’ button to attach it to your application .
  • If you aren’t able to complete the form before you apply, you can upload it at a later date (before our accommodation deadline) by logging back in and selecting ‘edit my application’.
  • Continue your accommodation application until completion.

Reviewing your application

We’ll review your application and the supporting evidence you have provided. Based on this, we’ll proceed in one of the following ways.

  1. If we are able to approve your evidence, we will place a suitable room on hold for you until A Level results day. If you have particularly complex needs we may need to work with other services within the University to find you a suitable room.
  2. If we believe we need further evidence, we will ask you for it to determine whether we can approve your request.
  3. If we believe the evidence you have provided is not sufficient, even after you’ve provided additional evidence, we will reject the request for an additional requirements room. We will still proceed with your original application for accommodation however we will not be able to take your request  into consideration.

We will keep you informed of the status of your additional requirements application throughout the process, so make sure to regularly check the email address you used on your application.

Making you a room offer

If you hold an Unconditional Firm offer of study on A Level results day, we’ll send you a room offer by email. At this point, you are subject to the same Accommodation Guarantee as other students

Apply for undergraduate accommodation

When making an application

Follow these steps even if you have provided this previously. We cannot use information from previous years without your written permission.

If you’re already staying in a room that has particular facilities or adjustments made for your requirements, and are considering staying on campus for another year, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss continuing accommodation.

Apply for continuing student accommodation

When making an application

  • Tick the additional requirements box and fill out the information on the additional requirements page.
  • Email a completed supporting evidence form to

Follow these steps even if you have provided this previously. We cannot use information from previous years without your written permission.

If you have particularly complex needs, we advise that you contact us when making your application, so that we can discuss exactly what you need.

Apply for postgraduate accommodation

Providing supporting evidence

To apply for additional requirements accommodation, you’ll need to submit a Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 92kb), completed by a medical professional such as a GP or specialist.

  • The evidence form should be completed in full, in the English language.
  • You’ll need to submit this form even if you have had a Disabled Student's Allowance assessment, or have set up a Student Support Plan with Disability Services.

If you have submitted evidence previously

We cannot use information from previous years without your written permission.

If you have submitted the supporting evidence form previously, and would like us to review this for a new academic year, please email us on at the time you make your application.

If you are unable to submit the form in time

If you are a clearing or adjustment student, or are applying close to, or after our accommodation guarantee, we understand you may not be able to complete your form in time.

If this is the case, please provide the information listed below to the best of your ability. The evidence should be recent, in the English language, and from a medical professional such as a GP or specialist:

  • The name of the condition and the impact is has on you
  • How long it will affect you for (if it’s chronic - longer than 12 months, or acute - a temporary condition which is affecting you)
  • What adjustments you require to your accommodation and why.

If you require accommodation for additional requirements after your first year, you will need to submit the supporting evidence form as normal.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) reports 
SENCO and DSA reports cannot be accepted as supporting evidence, unless they contain explicit references to accommodation needs. 

We do not receive information about DSA assessments. Student Support Plans made through Disability Services only address academic adjustments and therefore  are not relevant to adjustments required in your accommodation.

Sharing your information

If you would like us to talk to a third party (eg a carer, parent or guardian) about your accommodation application before you’re here, or about your booking once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to let us know in the consent section of your application.

If you would like us to speak to a third party (including our Disability Services team) about your additional requirement, you will need to provide us consent via email to

The email should include:

  • Your name and student number
  • Names of person(s) you’d like us to share information with
  • The email and telephone of those we can share information with
  • The length of time permission is granted for eg until the issue is resolved, or for the duration of your booking


If you are a UK student who is considered to have a disability under the Equality Act 2010 and you have received approval for additional requirement accommodation, you may be eligible to apply for funding towards your accommodation costs.

Applications for 2020/21 are open until 31 March 2021. Applications for 2021/22 will be open from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.

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