Information for parents and supporters

Supporting your child through university can be an exciting but sometimes daunting process.

From guidance on preparing for first year through to second year and beyond, we've put together some key information for you.


Undergraduates who want to live in University accommodation are guaranteed a room as long as, they select York as their firm choice and apply for accommodation by the deadline dates stated online. They do not have to wait to receive their A level results - they can apply as soon as our application system opens. Discover more about the application process on our how to apply page.

All University accommodation is located within a University college and your child will become part of that college community when they accept their room offer and move in. Your child will benefit from the support system offered by their college throughout their time studying with us. Find out more about the college system and student life in general on our life on campus page. 

Within each college there is a range of accommodation. When choosing accommodation, you should discuss with your son or daughter factors that will affect them such as:

  • If they are happy cooking for themselves. If not, there is a catered option which provides them with breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday. 
  • If they are happy to share bathroom facilities with their flatmates. If students would like their own bathroom, there are a number of ensuite rooms available. 

These factors will affect the cost of their rent per week, so talk through every option. It is a good idea to talk about how they would feel if they didn't get allocated into their top preference of room and how open they would be to a different option.

  • Rent is inclusive of bills, internet and contents insurance which is provided by Endsleigh Insurance.
  • Rent is usually paid in three termly instalments in October, January and May. If you are paying for the accommodation, you can set up a direct debit after a room booking has been accepted, or make individual payments.

2nd year and beyond

Most University of York owned accommodation is available for first year's only, however a small number of rooms are allocated to returning students every year. Priority is given to those who fulfil specific criteria, such as students who have additional requirements that cannot be supported off campus, care leavers or estranged students and students returning from a work/study placement in the UK or abroad.

We advise students to look into private sector accommodation options as soon as they can before their current contract ends.

Some things to consider regarding private sector accommodation are:

  • Tenancy agreements for shared houses usually ask tenants to accept joint and several liability. If one tenant does not pay their rent, the landlord can ask the remaining tenants to pay extra rent.
  • Rent usually does not include utilities or internet charges.
  • Rent is usually charged throughout the summer.
  • A guarantor and a month's deposit is usually required to acquire a room in a house.

You can find detailed information about living in the private sector on our accommodation help pages. 

Placement students

If your child accepts a University room for the next academic year and subsequently secures a placement or wants to go on an exchange programme, they can be released from their University accommodation if they notify Accommodation Services in accordance with their residence agreement.  

Under 18s

While we offer strong pastoral support throughout our colleges and we take wellbeing of our students very seriously, we do not assume parental responsibility for a student under the age of 18.

Your child will be living in an adult environment and we expect them to be prepared for this. For example, we do not expect students to inform us if they are going to be away overnight. We would advise you to talk to your child about any expectations they might have coming to University and the best way to prepare. 

Students under the age of 17 at the start of the academic year

The University has a more extensive duty of care to these students. If your child will be under 17 at the start of the academic year, you should contact us to get specific information regarding accommodation arrangements and the application process.

Data protection

Working under Data protection legislation we have a duty to protect the privacy of our students. As students are classed as adults, parents and carers become third parties.

We're not able to give specific information about a student, including their address or whether their rent has been paid to a third party. We encourage students to communicate with us directly. However, if your child wants you to discuss their accommodation situation with us they can give their permission via email or telephone.