Whether you're joining us for a full academic year or just one semester, we'll try our best to offer you a home on or close to campus.


Your room offer

Once you've accepted your course place, we will allocate you a room and send you a room offer.

We do not use specific blocks or rooms for visiting students, so we cannot guarantee a particular room type. We'll allocate you into flats with other visiting students or rooms in accommodation with undergraduate students. Learn more about our accommodation, colleges, rooms and prices

We'll send a room offer to your York email. Make sure you check this regularly, as the room offer has an expiry date.

Additional requirements

If you need a specific room for medical, welfare or mobility reasons, please email us at accommodation@york.ac.uk. To find out more about additional requirements, see our health, welfare and disability page.

Please don't wait until you've received a room offer to let us know about your additional requirements, as we may not be able to find you a suitable room at that stage.

Important dates

Depending on your course dates, your contract will run for the following period:

Period of study When to expect a room offer Booking start date Booking end date
Full year  July 2023 September 2023 (exact date TBC at offer) July 2024 (exact date TBC at offer)
Semester 1 July 2023 September 2023 (exact date TBC at offer) February 2024 (exact date TBC at offer)
Semester 2 December 2023 February 2024 (exact date TBC at offer) June 2024 (exact date TBC at offer)

Once you've accepted an offer of accommodation, we won't be able to release you from your contract if you decide to complete your studies and return home early. This is unless you're able to find a replacement tenant.


If you're a postgraduate student, you're not guaranteed accommodation and will need to make an application. Learn more about booking and paying.

Private sector accommodation

If we're not able to guarantee you a room or you would prefer to live off-campus, there's private sector accommodation close to the University. Find out more about private sector accommodation