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Vanbrugh College accommodation

Located at the heart of Campus West beside Central Hall, Vanbrugh College offers a range of accommodation options, from large, catered, social blocks to self-catered, ensuite flats.

Vanbrugh also includes Fairfax House - a characterful town house on the edge of campus. Home to V-bar and within close distance to the shops at Market Square, Vanbrugh also has its own music practice rooms.

Campus West

Including Fairfax House

£136 to £201 per week

Band 1, 2 and 3 room types

Ensuite and shared bathroom

Band 1/2 shared. Band 3 ensuite

Catered and self-catered

Band 1/2 catered. Band 3 self-catered

38- and 40-week lets

Band 1/2/3 = 40-week. Band 3 = 38-week

Room types and prices

Band Bathroom Catering Let length Per week Per year
1 Shared Catered 40 weeks £136 £5,440
3 Ensuite Self-catered 38 weeks £159 £6,042
2 Shared Catered 40 weeks £157 £6,280
3 Ensuite Self-catered 40 weeks £159 £6,360
2 (large) Shared Catered 40 weeks £186 £7,440
2 (large) Ensuite Catered 40 weeks £201 £8,040

Band 1 shared bathroom, catered

Fairfax House is a characterful townhouse on Heslington Road with its own common room, about a 7-minute walk from central campus.

Accommodation is catered with a light, continental breakfast and evening meals, Monday to Friday during term time. Unlike other catered accommodation, breakfast is served in the Fairfax dining hall, while evening meals are served in the main Vanbrugh dining hall.

We have 276 rooms available.

  • 16-23 students per small kitchen
  • 8-10 students per two showers, one bath and two toilets

Take a 360 tour of a Band 1 shared bathroom

Band 2 shared bathroom, catered

Centred around the lake at the heart of Campus West and close to Market Square, Le Page and Eric Milner Courts are laid out in communal corridors.

Accommodation is catered with breakfast and evening meals, Monday to Friday during term time and is served in the main Vanbrugh dining hall.

We have 350 rooms available.

  • 8-11 students per kitchen
  • 4-5 students per toilet and shower room.

Take a 360 tour of a Band 2 shared bathroom

Band 3 ensuite, self-catered

Vanbrugh's Band 3 rooms are ensuite and are located in courts of flats to the West of Market Square in Donald Barron and Barbara Scott Courts.

Some of these rooms are 38-week lets, meaning you'll need to move your belongings out during the Easter vacation, while the room is used for conferences.

We have 179 rooms available.

  • 10 - 12 students per flat/kitchen

Take a 360 tour of a Band 3 ensuite


Common room

A shared social space for members of your college

What's near

Vanbrugh Dining/Bar

2 minutes walk

Market square shops

2 minutes walk

The Library

3 minutes walk

Spring Lane Building

3 minutes walk

The Courtyard bar

5 minutes walk

York Sports Centre

10 minutes walk

For Fairfax House, add approximately 8 minutes to your walking time.

View Vanbrugh on the campus map

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