Disability Funding

You may be able to receive funding towards your campus accommodation costs from the University.


How to apply for disability funding

Applications for 2023/24 will be open from 1 October 2023 until 31 March 2024.

New Students 

If you were approved for additional requirements when you applied for accommodation, you will have submitted a Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 223kb). This form contains the necessary information for us to make a decision on your application.

Please email accommodation@york.ac.uk asking for your evidence form to be reviewed for a partial funding application. We will email you with an outcome of your application within 15 working days.

If you applied to the University through confirmation and clearing or as a new postgraduate student, please ask your medical practitioner (such as a GP or specialist) to complete the Supporting Evidence Form (PDF , 223kb). Once completed, please email the form to accommodation@york.ac.uk

Continuing students

If you have submitted a successful application for partial funding in a previous year, you can email us on accommodation@york.ac.uk and ask us to review your past application for the new academic year. 

If the status of your condition can vary, we may ask you to provide us with up to date information from your medical practitioner

If you started your course before the 2016/17 academic year and have received a Disabled Student's Allowance  (DSA) towards your accommodation costs, you can continue to claim this funding from DSA.

How you will receive your funding

If your application is approved we’ll adjust your room price from the price of the room that you were offered, to the price of shared bathroom accommodation within the same price band.

For example: if we offered you a premium ensuite room, you would only have to pay the rent of a premium shared bathroom.

You won’t receive a direct monetary payment, instead we’ll apply a credit to your accommodation account for the term after your application was approved and adjust your room price for future charges.

For example: If we offered you a band 3 ensuite room for £24.61 per night*, we’d only charge you for a band 3 shared bathroom (£22.25 per night*). We would adjust your rent payments by £2.36 per night difference for the duration of your contract.

*prices given using 2023/24 figure for example only.