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Returning undergraduate students

Most University of York owned accommodation is available for first year's only, however a small number of rooms are allocated to returning students every year.

2024/25 applications

Returning undergraduate accommodation applications for 2024/25 closed at 5pm on Monday 11 December 2023. 

All applications received between Thursday 7 December and Monday 11 December 2023 have now been reviewed, and all who applied should've now received an email detailing the outcome of their application. If you applied and have not received an email from us, please contact us at or +44 (0)1904 322165 as soon as possible.

Please read the Questions and Answers (Q&A's) at the bottom of this web page for further guidance.

Due to limited availability of on-campus rooms for returning undergraduates, rooms have been offered and allocated based on the following priority groups:

  • students with additional requirements that cannot be supported off campus
  • students who have had their care leaver/estranged status confirmed by the Independent Student team
  • students returning from a work placement in the UK or study/work placement abroad, or planning such a placement in 2024/25*

* Students who are planning a placement in 2024/25 needed to have registered for or be actively pursuing a placement to have been considered for a room offer.

If you submitted an application as a member of one of the above groups, it unfortunately didn't guarantee you a room offer.

If you do not fall into one of these categories, we advise looking into private sector accommodation as soon as possible. You can take a look at our advice about private sector accommodation and information if you need a rent guarantor.


2024/25 rent prices

The following rent prices are only applicable to 2024/25 returning undergraduate students.

Band Bathroom Catering College Let length Per week Per year
Band 1 Shared bathroom Self-catered Halifax 44 £99 £4,356
Band 3 Shared bathroom Self-catered Derwent 44 £166 £7,304
Band 3 Shared bathroom Self-catered Goodricke 44 £166 £7,304
Band 3 Shared bathroom Self-catered Goodricke 50 £166 £8,300
Band 3 Shared bathroom Self-catered Halifax 44 £166 £7,304
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Derwent 44 £183 £8,052
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Goodricke 44 £183 £8,052
Band 3 Ensuite Self-catered Goodricke 50 £183 £9,150
Band 3* Ensuite* Self-catered* Halifax* 44* £183* £8,052*
Band 3 (Large) Ensuite Self-catered Goodricke 44 £200 £8,800
Band 3 (Large) Ensuite Self-catered Goodricke 50 £200 £10,000

*Room type 'Band 3 ensuite in Halifax College' was not available to select on the application system, however it may be offered to a very small number of students with additional requirements.

How rents are set

Do you want to know how accommodation rent prices are set by the University, and where your rent is being spent? Visit our web pages How rents are set and Where your rent goes for a full explanation.

Care leaver or estranged student status 

Students’ Care Leaver Status can be confirmed if a student meets the following criteria, and has provided evidence of this to their student finance provider:

  • You’ve been in the care of, or given accommodation by, your local authority
  • You were in care for at least 13 weeks
  • Your time in care ended after you turned 16
  • You have not returned to the care of your parent(s) before the first day of the first academic year of your course

Students that have been assessed as an independent student with their student provider on the basis of being estranged and have had this confirmed by the Independent student team were also welcome to apply for accommodation.

Room allocation process

The application system was open from 12pm on Thursday 7 December and closed at 5pm on Monday 11 December. From Tuesday 12 December, applications were reviewed and processed on a case-by-case basis (as opposed to a first-come-first-serve basis), with the involvement of a panel formed by Disability Services, the Colleges Team, Student Services and the Accommodation Team. All applicants should've now received an email detailing the outcome of their application. If you applied and have not received an email from us, please contact us at or +44 (0)1904 322165 as soon as possible.

Leave of absence students

Leave of absence students weren't automatically able to access the booking system on Thursday 7 December without first completing a web form. After completing the form or on contact with the accommodation team before Monday 11 December, access was granted to the booking system.

Additional requirements students

Those applying for accommodation under the additional requirements criteria were asked to ensure as much information as possible was included in the additional requirements section of their application, in addition to uploading supporting evidence. Unfortunately, there was no guarantee that every application would be successful, but students with evidence of additional requirements that cannot be supported off campus were prioritised for an offer of a room.

If additional requirements can be supported in off-campus / private sector accommodation, it is likely that your accommodation application was not successful.

Private sector accommodation

If you do not fall into the priority groups mentioned on this web page, we advise looking into private housing options as soon as possible. We have a wide range of information on our web pages, specifically about finding accommodation off campus and what you should consider. 

For further support and advice you can contact the Student Hub via the self-referral form:

Questions and answers (Q&As)

Please read the following questions and answers for further guidance after receiving the outcome of your accommodation application.

Applications opened on Thursday 7 December at 12:00 (midday), and closed at 5pm on Monday 11 December 2023.

All applications received between Thursday 7 December and Monday 11 December have now been reviewed, and all who applied should've now received an email detailing the outcome of their application. If you applied and have not received an email from us, please contact us at or +44 (0)1904 322165 as soon as possible.

We understand that finding accommodation for your following year is vitally important, and as such we listened to feedback and tried to find the best possible time to open applications, avoiding examination periods in particular. If you missed the opportunity to apply, you will need to seek accommodation in the private sector.

Unfortunately, if your application has been unsuccessful we will be unable to assist you further and you will need to explore the private sector to ensure you find suitable accommodation for 2024/25.

All unsuccessful applications will be kept on file and in the event that a booking is cancelled we may contact you with an accommodation offer. Please be aware that this is unlikely and we would strongly advise that you explore the private sector to source alternative accommodation.

We’re sorry you’ve received an unsuccessful outcome to your application. It’s really important for students to have a voice and raise issues. The best place to do this is through your Student Union. The York University Student’s Union is independent of the University and whilst they won’t be able to overturn current University decisions, your Union Officers are there to listen, feedback your concerns to the University and challenge decisions being made. Students can contact their Student Union officers via

The Accommodation team are only able to advise on on-campus accommodation. If you are struggling to find accommodation in the private sector that suits your budget, we would advise you to contact the Student Hub team in the first instance. They can advise on any sources of income you might not be accessing as well as advise on options around affordability and accommodation. Please complete their online self-referral form.

Things to consider that might help:

1. Create a budget to plan into the next academic year.
Consider what your rent might be, any additional bills or travel you may have from living in the private sector and any pinch points like when your rent might be due.

2. Understand if you have a financial shortfall and consider ways to close the gap:

Take a look at our tips on budgeting and some options to address any financial shortfall you may be facing. 

3. Consider widening your search
You may find more availability further away from the University in other areas of York but you’ll also need to consider how you will travel to University. 

If you live outside the A64 ring road you will also be eligible to apply for a student parking permit.

Room numbers will be sent out from January 2024, please ensure you check your emails regularly so you don’t miss any communications from us.

Unfortunately due to GDPR regulations we are unable to discuss details of other students' applications.

Unfortunately, due to high demand and specific eligibility criteria, we have not been able to fulfil every application. 

We do not require an advanced payment from returning undergraduate students.

Please contact the accommodation team at or call us on +44 (0)1904 322165 as soon as possible and we can advise on the cancellation policy for your booking. 

Should you need help or have any questions about your application, please bear in mind that the Accommodation Team will be on the University Winter Break from 12pm (midday) on Friday 22 December 2023 returning at 12pm (midday) on Tuesday 2 January 2024.

Please read the below for further information:

  • Telephones will close at 12pm (midday) on 22 December
  • Telephones will re-open at 12pm (midday) on 2 January 2024 and close at 4pm for the remainder of that week
  • Telephones will revert back to normal 10am to 4pm week commencing 8 January 2024. 

This varies between providers, but it usually opens up between early November and December.

It’s important not to rush into signing a contract which is legally binding. This “Before you Sign” resource provides further information on what to consider when you begin your search in the private sector.

Most private sector accommodation is let on a 52 week/12 month contract.

The College teams will be holding some “Flatmate Finder” events week commencing 22 January and the week commencing 12 February 2024. Register your interest for these events.

These are a few large Facebook groups you may also find helpful:

*Please note that these are not University managed groups so when checking through adverts it is advisable to be vigilant before paying any money upfront for a room / property. 

Room in a shared student house
This is usually sharing a house, with multiple rooms (house of multiple occupancy - HMO) and sharing communal areas such as the kitchen and living room. Bills can be included in your weekly rent or can be on top of the rent, split equally with those sharing the house. Student houses can be let as a whole (joint tenancy) or rooms may be let on an individual basis.

Searching for a whole property
You may join up with friends/coursemates and be looking for an available property together. You can find available properties directly on letting agents websites. You can also use the shared house filter through sites like Rightmove or Zoopla.

Students advertising rooms or looking for housemates
You might be part of a smaller group or not sure who you’d like to live with yet. You can find other groups or individuals looking to connect with other students usually through social media on sites like the ones below. Current students already living in the private sector may also be looking for another student(s) to join a tenancy they are hoping to renew for the 2024/25 academic year. There are a few large Facebook groups you may find helpful -please see the Q&A above for further details.

Room in purpose built, private student halls
We don’t recommend any particular halls. Examples of private halls include; Student Castle, Abode, Student Roost, Vita Student. Private halls tend to have the same kind of set up and feel as on-campus accommodation. You will usually rent a room within a shared flat as part of a larger block of halls. You’ll have shared access to communal areas like the kitchen. Some private student halls can also offer additional amenities such as an onsite gym or further social spaces. Rents for this type of accommodation tend to be higher. 

Renting a room with a live-in landlord
Rooms often become available when occupants decide to rent out their spare room. Facilities offered, such as an ensuite can differ so make sure you check what’s included. You may find the sites below a good place to start your search. Spareroom; Homestay.

Yes, even if you live in private sector accommodation you will still be a member of a College. Please speak to your College Team for further information.

It’s normal for landlords/letting agencies to ask for a guarantor when you sign into a rental agreement. Your guarantor acts as a backup should you not be able to meet your rent payment(s).

If you don’t have someone who can act as your guarantor there are companies who will do this for a fee. Some examples of companies that offer this include;
your guarantor, housing hand, rent guarantor and Homeppl. We don’t recommend any particular company so make sure you check their terms and conditions carefully.


The Student Hub can offer further help around budgeting, understanding any financial shortfall and ways you may be able to meet this, and talking you through your options. The team will do their best to advise and support you. You can get in touch with the Student Hub via their online self-referral form. 


We know finding accommodation can be a stressful. The University has a range of help and support available. The University has partnered with TalkCampus which provides 24/7 online support as well as a range of helpful resources and 1:1 support. The University also has its Success at York toolkit which you may find helpful.