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Rent Guarantor Scheme

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Many private landlords and estate agents require tenants to provide a rent guarantor who will be required to pay rent should the tenant fail to do so. If you do not have a guarantor in the UK, you may be asked to pay all or some of your rent in advance (usually between 6 and 12 months rent).

To help students without a UK guarantor, the University has partnered with YourGuarantor who will act as a rent guarantor for students living in the private sector. 

Care leavers and estranged students

The University of York operates an in-house Rent Guarantee Scheme open to UK students who are either care leavers, estranged from their parents, or have exceptional circumstances (where there are no alternative UK guarantors available and where the student has explored all other options, including properties that do not require a guarantor).

University of York Rent Guarantee Scheme

What does YourGuarantor cover?

The scheme covers rent arrears only and is only applicable to Assured Shorthold Tenancies. YourGuarantor guarantees rent per person.

How does the YourGuarantor scheme work?

Apply online and your landlord confirms the tenancy details and accepts your application. The scheme is administered by YourGuarantor. Terms and conditions are on the YourGuarantor website. 

How much does it cost?

The YourGuarantor guarantee costs a percentage of the value of your tenancy/lease. The value of the lease is your monthly rent multiplied by the number of months of the lease. In shared accommodation, this will equal the individual student's share of the value of the lease. You can estimate the cost using the calculator on the YourGuarantor website. 


Undergraduate students

The YourGuarantor scheme is open to:

  • Undergraduate students who have successfully completed a previous year (or placement year) of their full-time programme at the University of York in the last academic year (i.e. continuing students)
  • First-year students who have studied a Foundation Year in the past two years (eligibility begins from the date the Foundation Year ended)
  • Incoming exchange or study abroad students who will be spending their time in York during the exchange

The YourGuarantor scheme is not open to:

  • Students on a Foundation Year
  • First-year students who have not studied a Foundation Year within the past two years
  • Students who are completing an exchange or study abroad element of their programme away from York

Eligible students may take a private rented tenancy for up to 12 months from the end date of their previous year of study, or up to 31 August of the year they are due to graduate.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students in all years of their study are eligible for the YourGuarantor scheme.

Exchange or study abroad students who will be spending their time in York during the exchange can apply to the YourGuarantor scheme.

Postgraduate students who are completing an exchange or study abroad element of their programme away from York are not eligible for the YourGuarantor scheme. 

The private rented tenancy can be for up to 12 months from the end date of your previous course or the day you enrol on your current course if you have not studied at the University of York previously. The tenancy should end no later than the end date of your course or the end of next full month following your graduation (for example, if you graduate in July, your tenancy must end no later than 31 August).

Did the University have a similar scheme?

In previous years, the University of York acted as a guarantor for a limited number of students, provided they met strict academic and financial criteria.

Due to increased demands, the University’s Rent Guarantee Scheme was reviewed at length by members of the University representing YUSU and GSA, and Student and Academic Services, alongside the Academic Registrar.  In conclusion, YourGuarantor can offer a quicker and more flexible service to a larger number of students.